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I believe many of us  have heard this saying before: No one receives an award for being the best cleaner or washer- woman ever.

You don’t receive an award for this because there are more important things on earth you can engage in –impacting lives and being a blessing to others is one of such. 

I am not saying you should be a lazy woman, and not do the needful, but I have experienced over time that chores actually do take so much of one’s time and energy. 

I also discovered that chores could really be draining, not just physically, but emotionally, if not done appropriately and with the right attitude. This is why it is important to receive help when you need it (help in either human or machine form).

When you find yourself as a mother shouting at your children all the time, getting angry over little things, not having enough intimate time with your husband, as a result of tiredness, then peradventure, you are emotionally stressed. 

Chores can cause emotional stress and what I am saying here is, if you can get help, as much as possible, please do! The sanity of your home is much more important. 

And this sanity is more important to your husband and children. They want to have a more loving, joyful and playful wife and mother. If something as trivial as chores can affect the peace of your home then it is very important the needful is done about it.

I got to realize the importance of help as it relates to your overall well being, when I had someone around in my home at a point in my life after giving birth to my baby. 

Trust me, I am not a lazy woman and I get my stuff done accordingly when I need to get it done. I get things properly planned and structured but this is not to say I don’t get tired after I must have done it all by myself. 

But I noticed a change in the level of peace I had when a dear one came visiting, I was relieved of chores and I had more time for my children. 

I could now feel a certain level of peace, laugh over matters I would have been angry about with my son. Believe me, the help was really needed. My point is: as much as possible, try to get help and relieve yourself of stress. 

Let your husband get home to a joyful wife and your children to a happy mother; not a nagging, complaining and angry one. 

I have discovered that many women do not even know how to ask for help when they need it, asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s wisdom to ask for it when you need it. 

You can’t do everything by yourself. Don’t feel bad about asking others to help you out with those little things. The people you feel you are disturbing might not even feel disturbed, and they might just be willing to offer you their time freely – this does not mean we misuse the gesture, but we should appreciate it dearly.

Even if you can’t find help just yet, whatever you need to do, do it heartily and joyfully without complaining. Scriptures says, “Let all things be done without complaining and murmuring.” 

While you look out for help or investing in equipment that will reduce the stress on your part. Your sanity is very important. You need to live a life of purpose, impacting generations. You can’t afford to be burned out with chores. We all need you to live your best life. and to serve your world with the best version of yourself.

Written by Olabisi O. 


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