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While I was trying to jot down about the 10 things I MUST DO in a day using my iPad, I noticed that my phone screen started blinking. Hen! I quickly shifted my full gaze on the phone to grasp the intensity of the blinking, (a lot of money thoughts have started rushing through my head) and guess what? I found out that the phone was not actually blinking.

“Hanhan, what kind of thing is this, was I seeing double?” I continued with my iPad leaving me to gaze at my phone with one sided look and again, my phone screen started blinking.

So, it caught my full attention and I decided to focus on it. I started to experiment by using my hand to cover the left eye to view the phone with the right eye; here the screen was stable.

I swapped to view the phone with my left eye while covering my right eye and the phone screen was blinking. I opened my two eyes and lo…the screen stood still like a rock. With a deep sigh, it dawned on me that my left eye was actually the one blinking, I picked my phone and booked an appointment with my optician right away.

Thinking through all of these, two key words jumped at me; Focus and Perspective and here are some of my learning points.

1. When you feel/see something that you are not pleased with, focus your attention on that thing and solve it.

2. Don’t make assumptions, investigate before getting to conclusions.

3. It’s easy for us to point accusing fingers at the other party, but chill, you might actually be the culprit, like I was quick to label my phone as faulty when it was actually my eyes.

4. The side you are viewing from determines your perspective or what you see, and your perspective might not always be right. So, learn to see things from other people’s point of view. Trust me, it works!

5. Have a good support system, collaborate with others. In doing this, you will be leveraging your weakness on their strength, remember, when I gazed at my phone with my two eyes, the screen stood still. Partner with people that minimize your error.

6. In every situation you find yourself; give room for benefit of doubt, it might not be what you think, but how will you know if you don’t ask or search?

Let me leave you with these final “tweetable” thoughts; “what you focus on, gets the fastest result”, “Your Perspective is not all it is to life” and “before you act, decide or finalize on any matter, investigate”.

Written by Olayinka Akanni.


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