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Wife Material (How Many Yards?)

By January 23, 2021One Comment

It’s another Saturday again…

If you don’t usually dream of meeting your prince charming, Saturdays, social media and weddings will force you to.

While for some women, they have experienced the wonder of meeting their prince charming. The rest of us still look forward to this breath-taking encounter.

One thing is constant though – we want to be completely ready, and to have our husbands look at us with awe and wonder.

So, we follow the patterns of marriage coaches and mentors, to try to pattern our lives after theirs.

We invest in our marital life (way before we start our marriage journey), to ensure that we’re prepared and well equipped to face whatever comes.

We are reading books on marriage, relationships and family life. We are attending seminars and even joining support groups.

We are taking cooking classes. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

I wonder though…

Why aren’t we channeling all the energy, effort, skill and expertise into becoming the perfect bride for our Bridegroom?

Why aren’t we preparing ourselves for His second coming, and making sure to be clean ahead of His taking us home?

Have we accepted His proposal yet? Are we being transformed by the renewal of our minds?

As a church, we ought to be more intentional about these – preparing mindfully for our Bride groom. Checking out the different dimensions of our spirituality, and ensuring that we’re living a worthy life.

While we pray and aim to be Proverbs 31 women, are we also preparing to be that kind of bride to our Heavenly Bridegroom? Can God trust us with His wealth?

Have we been faithful to our callings and assignments? Are we always dressed for service with our lamps burning?

Are we winning souls and exhibiting Christ-like traits worthy of emulation?

How many yards of ‘wife material’ do we have in us?

This is a call to be more intentional in our preparations towards His second
coming as we are towards our marital affairs.

Preparing for our earthly groom is good, but preparing for our Heavenly Groom is much better – with promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.

Let us remember to keep watch, to be alert, vigilant, and ever ready with extra oil.

Written by Akabuogu Chidimma Joy.

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