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Visioning Your Year Retreat is a five-part Catalytic Coaching Series with Debola Deji-Kurunmi helping you position for this Decade with clarity and confidence, so that you produce real results with ease as you manifest your vision.

This Coaching Series hands practical tools for intentionally design your Year around your assignment in a way that is authentic and aligns you to your True North, so you can operate from the realms of your higher self.

2021 is the womb-opener into an Exponential Decade, a year of many unprecedented manifestations as humanity is ushered forward on the wings of the New. There have been radical deconstructions of the world as we knew it, and we are now forced to challenge our status quo.

The best way to ride on the waves of this dangerous opportunity is to sit into your deepest identity, and crack open a Roadmap that is divinely yours. Our generation’s copy and paste ideology cannot lead you into enthronement, so walk this path with Debola Deji-Kurunmi that shifts you into your Genius-Zone!

This Coaching Series covers five parts:

Part One: Visioning 2021

In this Session, we unveil the power and purpose of vision, the miracles in a disruption, anatomy of shifts, dimensions that 2021 will take and how to prepare yourself for the extraordinary opportunities, trends and megatrends as they open up starting this year.

Part Two: Setting Yourself Up to Succeed

Part Two is a heartfelt flow of wisdom that teaches you how to simplify your life, cleanse your perspective from comparison and competition, choose gratitude as an operating system this year, and set yourself up to prosper without losing your peace both in personal and professional life.

Part Three: The (Full Menu) Visioning Retreat

The Full Menu is a buffet of life-changing insights that challenges you out of comfort zone into your Stretch, while showing you a clear path to mastery. We uncover the levels of personal consciousness so that you can see where you currently are on your transformational journey. Then you’d unpack the Four God-Given Empires of Legacy through the Multi-Influential Life Roadmap – helping you manifest greatness across four significant flows of your life.

Part Four: 12-Dimension Life Compass Assessment + Upgrade Tools

12-Dimensional Life Compass Assessment is a well-rounded and robust framework for assessing where you are with all the twelve key areas of your life, so that you can set your vision in a way that helps you grow into your calling. This Part lays the foundation for 90-Day Life Upgrade System where you then take your gap areas, and map a plan for transformation.

Part Five: 90-Day Life Upgrade System (5 CTG Technique)

Learn the proven goal-setting framework for achieving exponential results in only 90 days. DDK’s unique architecture for rapid execution in ninety day cycles empowers you to have multiple upgrades in your life every year, and if you work with our five-path transformational goals system – all shown in the Workbook, there are absolutely no limits to what you can do in 2021.

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You will be able to:

1 – Leverage of Art of Intentional Gratitude as a Force of Personal Transformation
2 – Take a Life Compass Assessment across 12 integral dimensions of your life and craft a personal roadmap for moving forward in the most critical areas.
3 – Build your Authentic Success System that helps you continue to grow without comparison or self-criticism.
4 – Clarify and Consolidate your Vision by deploying your Four God-Given Multi-Influential Empires.
5 – Understand your current Level of Personal Consciousness and create a Convergent Learning Tools to upgrade your life.
6 – Elevate into Higher Perspectives and Opportunities in your Life this year.
7 – Uncover the big trends, mega-trends and directions opening up in 2021, and on into the decade as well as learn how to ride the waves of the Different Grand SHIFTS.
8 – Maximize the secrets, skills and systems to accessing opportunities, repositioning your brand, as well as creating and multiplying value.
9 – Unpack DDK’s unique and simple-to-implement 90-Day System through which you ace your big transformational goals every three months, leading you into unbelievable results through rapid execution techniques.
10 – Gain insights on how to chart a brand new course for your life and future, in the direction that truly resonates with your inner True North.

These no-holds-barred conscious conversations are for visionaries who want to step into a new level of personal power, purposeful action and soul-ful mastery. If you want to live true to your powerful potential – without confusion, overwhelm or fear, this Retreat is for you!

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