Visioning 2023 Retreat with DDK

LAGOS: Friday, 20th and Saturday, 21st January 2023

ABUJA: Friday, 10th and Saturday, 11th February 2023

SEYCHELLES: Thursday, 6th to Sunday, 9th April 2023

Receive a Full Navigational System for 2023, including Defining Directions for the Year + how to prepare and position for significant shifts, mega-trends, culture-shaping opportunities and brand new possibilities. Learn how to reinvent yourself for God-propelled success!

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During the Visioning 2023 Retreat, you will:

Awaken again to your deepest sense of purpose, and understand how to ENGINEER the FUTURE through Personal Vision. Then design your overwhelm-free life.

Discover the WINDFINDERS for 2023 - defining directions for how individuals, institutions, and industries will evolve in the new World Order!

Uncover the Specific Strategies for a Profitable Pivot. Shift your life, vision, career, business and/or ministry into great results through the Power of a Pivot!

Understand the 12 New Forms of Wealth to acquire and grow, for creating and connecting high-value opportunities, repositioning your brand, as well as multiplying abundance in 2023.

Unpack DDK's original INTENTIONAL LIFE DESIGN Architecture so you can operate your life + vision from a place of rest, in structured seasons of high performance and recovery.

Experience a Mind-Shifting Discovery of the 12 Emerging Enigmas in our world today, and position yourself to solve wicked problem, create value and impact society by divine inspiration.

Visioning 2023 Retreat

2023 is your Year of Phenomenal Power, Purpose and Prosperity, where we witness the activation, acceleration and ascension of seemingly ordinary people who will achieve extraordinary results because of their character, competence and capacity. This is your year for groundbreaking growth by leveraging your inner gifts, graces and greatness.

I want to work with you to engineer a truly profound year, more than you've ever had, by seeing and seizing your divinely open doors, without holding yourself back! As we carefully explore the Significant Shifts, Wealth Multipliers, Future-Shaping Opportunities and Highest Leverage Assets of 2023, you will design purpose-goals that move you into alignment with your Destiny DNA, where you create from a place of rest.

Visioning is first an inside job of connecting with the Guiding Compass, before the vision boards and goal setting. I want to teach you how to see what God is seeing about you, so that you can quit the rat race and endless hustle. Step into purpose and prosperity He has reserved for you.

Visioning 2023 Retreat provides you a significant launchpad for 2023, because you’d become empowered with accurate perceptions about what’s coming in the new year. You’d also be able to quickly adjust and align your paradigms and personal vision for 2023.

What's in your Retreat Package?

Visioning 2023 Retreat Tickets

In-Person Access (Abuja)

Friday, 10th and Saturday, 11th February 2023

  • In-Person Access to Visioning 2023 Retreat (2 Days)
  • Tea Break and Lunch
  • Your Personal Swag Bag
  • Workbook + Resources + Tools
  • 12-month Visioning 2023 Webinar + Retreat Replays Access
  • Bonus 12-month Access to Visioning 2022 Replay

N250, 000


Retreat Replay Access

Available from Monday 13th February 2023

  • 12-month Access to Visioning 2023 Retreat Replay
  • In-Person VIP Access to Visioning 2023 Coaching Retreat
  • Tea Break and Lunch
  • Your Personal Swag Bag
  • Workbook + Resources
  • Bonus 12-month Access to Visioning 2022 Replay Access

$100 | N75, 000

VIP Coaching Retreat (Seychelles)

Thursday, 23rd to Sunday, 26th March 2023

  • In-Person Access to VIP Coaching Retreat with DDK
  • Exquisite Accommodation for 3 nights
  • 4 Breakfast, 6 Tea Break, 3 Lunch and 3 Dinner
  • Your Personal Swag Bag + Exclusive Gifts
  • Workbook + Resources + Tools
  • Group Consulting Hours with DDK
  • Adventure + Premium Fun
  • Glam Dinner Party
  • 12-month Visioning 2023 Webinar + Retreat Replays Access
  • Bonus 12-month Access to Visioning 2022 Replay

Meet DDK

Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a polymath and multi-influential coach for Visionary Leaders. She is internationally recognised for her phenomenal work as a Transformational Coach, Catalyst, Consultant, Capacity Builder and Christ-Centred Ministry Gift.

She sits over a group of companies as well as non-denominational ministries, including is IMMERSE Coaching Company (a global personal transformation coaching practice), Ideation Hub Africa (a public policy and impact advisory firm), Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance and FIREBRAND Movement (both faith-based organisations).

DDK is a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach by the Oleg Konovalov Global Certification, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, a Certified Masteries Practitioner with the International Association of Coaching, USA and was named as Nigeria's Leading Coach at the 2021 Motherland Awards.

In 2018, she was selected by the US Government as one of Africa’s most promising young leaders and a Mandela Washington Fellow. In 2019, she was listed as one of 100 Most Inspiring Nigerian Women and named one of 50 Most Inspiring Women in 2022 by BusinessDay.

DDK works with first-class leaders, C-Suite Executives, ministry gifts, high-growth visionaries and purpose-driven individuals, serious about building institutions, amplifying influence and scaling impact - without compromising their integrity and faith.

She is masterful at high-tier coaching for crafting go-to-market strategy, rapid execution techniques, visionary launch and mastery, personal reinvention, ministry growth and wealth expansion.

Unlock your Vast Potential.

Achieve your Vision.

Change the World.


More Awesomeness from Visioning Retreat 2022

This event was a mind-shift, destiny-defining, transformative. Kairos Moment in my life. Confirmations Upon Confirmations.

From the declarations to the Personal Pivot (mental deliverance), Manifestation Map, and the "Vision Board on Steroids (Identity, Value, Audience, Perception, Impact, Experience, and Spirituality).

I could not sleep after Day 1. I was like a woman in contractions and light was bubbling on the inside of me. Day 2 was an avalanche. I lost my decorum. I received Clarity, Courage, and confidence to refuse the status quo and be a GOD-PROPELLED RISING STAR.

The Shifts and Opportunity Blueprint - I cannot afford to negotiate myself out of destiny. I am a SYSTEM OF INTELLIGENCE that will be studied.

- Princess Otigbu

I attended the Visioning 2022 Retreat because I needed my mind to be expanded. God had spoken some things about my next level to me and I just knew that there was a kind of person I needed to BE to get there.

I started with the Visioning Webinar and with the timeless brain-bursting insights that DDK shared, I knew that my future self would not forgive me if I didn't make it down to the Visioning 2022 Retreat. From Part One on Friday to the entire day on Saturday, my entire mind was filled with light and possibilities. Gosh!

I started to see myself in a greater dimension. I started to be more convinced about the opportunities available for me this year. I became CLEAR! I experienced a shift that I have not been able to recover from since then.

- Orifunke Lawal

Visioning 2022 Retreat was phenomenal. I have never felt more amped, prepared, and ready to maximize the year. It was like being in a room where God is by himself handing strategies, blueprints, maps, compasses, and resources to succeed!

The Windfinders were so instructive, DDK's Opportunity Blueprint is a game-changer! It opened my mind to a high degree of possibilities, how to leverage the economic shifts and position for opportunities in my industry as well as industries that I had not been thinking about.

Being in a room with fellow visionaries on a similar journey and sharing their stories, ideas, and challenges was such an amazing experience. I was able to connect and partner with 2 new women in my industry!

- Toyin Sodipe