Uncover defining insights for how 2021 will play out and what you can do to prepare for yourself for the trends, mega-trends, culture-shaping opportunities and brand new possibilities. Learn how to ride the waves of SHIFTS.


Out of the ashes of the pain, pandemic and pandemonium; has emerged a new world with a new order. Whatever we’ve known, seen and been, has radically shifted and is now folding away like clouds –making the way for the New!

Join me as we explore 2021 in this extraordinary and enlightening webinar that empowers you to align yourself to the True North through Future-Forward Vision. I have operated as a Futurist since 2012, boldly articulating the defining directions for each year and empowering visionaries like you, with the thinking, tools and technology you need for purposeful accomplishment and next-level success.

You shouldn’t create a Vision Board when you’ve not captured a Compelling Vision!

Visioning is first an inside job of inner calibration towards the Guiding Compass, before the vision boards and goal setting. I want to teach you how to see what God is seeing about you, so that you can quit the rat race and endless hustle. Step into purpose and prosperity He has reserved for you.

Visioning 2021 Webinar provides you a significant launchpad for 2021, because you’d become empowered with accurate perceptions about what’s coming in the new year. You’d also be able to quickly adjust and align your paradigms and decisions wisely, so that you activate, access and accelerate your personal vision for 2021.


Vision is a Mental Preview of Coming Attractions

Dr. Cindy TrimmSpeaker - Author - Advocate

What Would You Learn?

At the end of the Visioning 2021 Webinar, you would:


Understand what Vision and a Life of Vision really look like.


Learn the top ten mistakes you’ve been making with your perspective and why you may be struggling to capture God’s big picture for your life.


Discover the types of “wombs” that birth vision, pregnancy symptoms of carrying a future seed and the most critical steps you should start to take now!


Uncover the big trends, megatrends and directions opening up in 2021, and on into the decade.


Learn the anatomy of the Different Grand SHIFTS and how to ride on their waves.


Know the secrets, skills and systems to accessing opportunities, repositioning your brand, as well as creating and multiplying value.


Experience a Paradigm Push that moves you from being caught up in the noise to finding your own voice!


Unpack the simple-to-implement 90-Day System through which you ace your big transformational goals every three months, leading you into unbelievable results through rapid execution.


Experience healing and gain new courage, regardless of the challenges you’ve experienced in 2020 or before now.


Gain insights on how to chart a brand new course for your life and future, in the direction that truly resonates with your inner compass.

DDK’s Big Bonuses for YOU!

Everyone knows this about me, I am giver of beautiful gifts! Since you’ve visited my virtual world, I owe you these special bonuses in addition to an unbelievably free Webinar Offer!

Exponential Decade Declarations

Access 30+ Audio Tracks of Worship and Faith Confessions, that help you make strategic and accurate declarations about this Decade, and what God has reserved specially for you!

Year End Self-Evaluation Blueprint

Access a 10-part Year-End Self-Evaluation Blueprint based on DDK’s original G3CR2EAM2 framework, guiding you to explore ten pillars for looking back at 2020 and drawing lessons for the year ahead.

Visionary Path Assessment

An extra-special gift that helps you understand where you currently are on the Visionary Path. Another EPIC creation from DDK that shows you which stage you are with vision, and if you have even started at all. This tool also guides you with the key action steps for where you are right now.

90-Day Life Upgrade System (Video + Workbook + Goal-Setting Template)

Learn the proven goal-setting framework for achieving exponential results in only 90 days. DDK’s unique architecture for rapid execution in ninety day cycles empowers you to have multiple upgrades in your life every year, and if you work with her five-path transformational goals system – all shown in the Workbook+Template, there are absolutely no limits to what you can do in 2021.

The 90-Day Life Upgrade System MasterClass will hold as an Exclusive LIVE Session with DDK (where you get to ask questions and enjoy a full coaching experience) on Saturday, 16th January 2021. Open to you at an unbelievable offer if you register now for Visioning 2021 Webinar.


Why Is This Even FREE?

One of the most famous questions I get asked all the time is why and how I provide high-ticket transformational coaching programs and resources for free! Well, first because I experience enormous fulfilment when I see people transformed, shifting levels and experiencing breakthrough because of something I taught them. It is a priceless experience!

Second, this Visioning 2021 Webinar is free currently because I love to give you the gift of wonder-working wisdom that helps you align to, activate and access your possibilities in this Exponential Decade. 2020 was quite a disruptive year, where many people got hit by chaos and didn’t know how to navigate it.

2021 holds great things in store for you, but you have to know how to navigate it. That’s why I’m gifting this to you for free if you take the offer now.

Finally, at the end of this Webinar, I am going to give you a First-Mover Advantage to join my exclusive-access 40-week Signature Coaching System for visionary men and women, seeking to clarify, launch or scale your Next-Level Vision as you elevate your income, impact and influence in 2021!

But hey, you still have access to the Visioning 2021 Webinar whatever your choice, so dive in right now!

❝ If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of. ❞

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Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a transformational catalyst, equipping a new breed of African visionaries to rise and enthrone the continent into global prominence! Her work of coaching, consulting and capacity-building cut across ministry (through Deborah Initiative for Women and FIREBRAND Movement), Personal Transformation Coaching (through IMMERSE Coaching Company), as well as public policy and impact advisory (through Ideation Hub Africa).

She’s an internationally awarded and recognized leader, conference speaker, corporate trainer and an author. 

At IMMERSE Coaching Company, Debola founded a 40,000+ strong tech-driven global community of visionaries, who are using her breakthrough coaching and courses to create new powerful mindsets for a life of purpose, contribution and influence. Her clients have cut across social innovators, entrepreneurs, career professionals, creatives, thought-leaders, faith-based voices and individuals seeking exponential growth.

Last year, she was listed as one of 100 Most Inspiring Nigerian Women. At the 2018 Mandela Washington Annual Summit in Washington DC , Debola delivered the electrifying viral speech on “How to Fry Fish to Solve a Wicked Problem where she shared heartfelt insights for African young leaders willing to fix the continent’s toughest challenges.

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