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This year and the decade it ushers in, are already SCRIPTED and KNOWN. There are signs, signposts and signals pointing us in the direction of emerging realities, possibilities and opportunities. You have an advantage today to seize this moment, and prepare for what has been prepared for you! We are at a very critical time in human history, and God is raising a meaningful minority who will unlock the vast potential of this generation.

Though in the minority, they will collectively trigger a TIPPING POINT of transformation and culture shift in all the 12 Systems of the World. To be a part of this critical mass, your MIND must experience RADICAL ENCOUNTERS that lift you out of your former paralysis into creation and conquest.

My name is Debola Deji-Kurunmi; and I want to make you a personal invitation. I have stood in the office of a prophet and role of a coach in the last ten years – helping several thousands of people (particularly women) navigate their evolution, transformation and manifestation. But for the first time, I’d be serving these two graces together, in my finest levels of clarity, compassion and courage – because this decade requires not only far-reaching foresight but equally, fearless action! 

I have received big insights about the key directions for this Decade, as well as the unfolding trends for the decade, which has been a pattern for me since 2010; as a result of the unique grace given to me. This year, it is my desire to see you take your place and space as a Governed Force for God on earth! The Unbundling this Decade Coaching Bootcamp will open you to SECRETS about the days ahead, and how to step into your Cutting Edge as you see, seize and serve with a Compelling Vision.

We are now at the beginning of the most disruptive decade in history because it will release in quick successions, many NEW ORDERS across sectors, systems and society. I want to help you activate a new order in your thinking and behavior so that the future doesn’t catch you by surprise! 

Over the course of eight weeks, I will systematically take you through this Series that permanently alters your paradigm, equips you with new competence as well as emboldens you with courage to take on huge opportunities. I want to challenge you to make this investment in your future, because your whole life will be changed by it. 

The Bootcamp is a 7-Part Series, and each Module has been carefully broken down into smaller learning tracks, that are simple to understand and apply. Whether you are an entrepreneur, career professional, ministry gift, stay-at-home mum or a creative, this Program will prepare and position you to manifest your greatness this decade and take your place in an Agenda that will outlive you!

What You Will Learn


Module One: Activating your Learning Metabolism (Video Course)

This Module equips you to step into the Year with a new appetite, capacity and system for acquiring and applying knowledge in a way that pushes you into new mental awakenings quickly, and helps you shift results in your life by embracing new thoughts.

  • Understanding your Personal Learning Metabolism
  • Leveraging your Multiple Intelligence(s)
  • Transformative Learning
  • The Power of the Subconscious Mind
  • Converting New Knowledge to Transformation


Module Two: The Big 10 of the New Decade (Video Course)

In this Module, we’d uncover big insights on the emerging trends and directions for the 12 Spheres of Influence/ Mountains/ Systems across the continent of Africa in particular and globally. Your heart will become open to what is about to be, as well as how you must be prepared and positioned to take your own place

  • The Power of Times and Seasons
  • Africa on the Agenda
  • Understanding 2020, the Exponential Decade and Ripple Effects
  • The Big 10 Trends of the New Decade
  • 12 Systems of Influence and where your Opportunities are


Module Three: The Access Code (Video Course)

This insightful Module will show you a prophetic similitude that between our generation and a significant past generation in history as well as what they share in common. You’d uncover where you are on the ten Growth Dimensions Process, the Seven People DNAs that exists in any generation pressing for the future, as well as how to leverage your unique gifts to step into your own portion.

  • The Transitioning Generation and its People
  • Understanding the Growth Dimensions
  • People DNAs and Signs of Each
  • Understanding your Personal Power


Module Four: The Visionary Path (Video Course)

The Visionary Path is nothing like you’ve heard it, because this track breaks down stages in the Purpose Process as well as the signs of each stage. Here, we dismantle the myths about visions and vision boards; then lead you to really see how God stirs and steers people to birth and build an impactful work, as well as how you can capture a compelling vision for the future.

  • Understanding the Power of a Compelling Vision
  • Incubation – The 10 types of WOMBS and what they can carry
  • Foresight – training your Inner Eyes to SEE
  • The Visionary Path (with its 5 Stages)
  • Process that starts and sustains Vision


Module Five: Manifestation Map (Video Course)

In the Manifestation Map, I will teach you using clear examples and practical guidance, a holistic compass of the five interconnected pillars that will lead you to a life of manifestations in 2020 and the emerging decade. You’d also take an assessment to see where you are on each of the pillars. Manifestations are not miracles, randomly occurring without human input; they are milestones produced by the diligent application of hidden wisdom.

  • Prophecy – Starting with What Has Been Spoken about You
  • MindShift – Unlocking your Mental Machinery
  • System – Evoking the Miracle called HABITS
  • People – Leveraging an Indispensable Resource
  • Execution – Getting things Done!


Module Six: Work, Wisdom and Wealth (Video Course)

This Module might be your greatest awakening! Here, I will show you the true concept and meaning of work, as well as the system that makes you produce your greatest output with the least amount of struggle. For the first time, I also fully break down my acclaimed “Multi-Influential Flows” model and the unique wealth streams that flow from different kinds of work.

  • True Meaning of Work - Why Work is Channel for the Blessing
  • The Production Paradigm – 2 levels of Work
  • How to Convert Purpose to Production
  • Understanding your Multi-Influential Flows
  • 7 Degrees of Wealth and where they flow


Module Seven: Closing Thoughts, Reflections and Next Steps

As you come to the end of the Course, we will help you move from insights, inspiration and instructions into activation, action and active creation. You’ll look inwards to your own life and where you can apply some of your big learnings for quickest results. Using templates, action planning tools and the very same system we’ve used for many clients like you, we will show you how to commit to new daily, weekly and monthly practices that will release the NEW YOU.
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What People Have Said about UNBUNDLING 2020

DDK! Unbundling 2020 Coaching Bootcamp really woke me up! Twice, I listened to the Module on Africa and I could not sleep, because my heart was burning! This Coaching is unbundling even me, and giving me new lens for all aspects of my life! The way you draw the lines between prophetic similitude and contemporary issues with so much depth is mind blowing! I am not the same woman that started the Course weeks ago! Thank you My Teacher!

Ayanfe Egede

This Bootcamp is worth a Million Naira! The kind of illumination it has brought to me is inexplicable. Each Module practically has at least one answer to the question that had been in my heart. I have never met a coach like DDK before, who combines spiritual and intellectual insights with such precision and simplicity. Since starting, I find myself unconsciously meditating on the deep things you’re teaching”

Funmilayo Folawole

I usually listen to things and grasp quickly, but with this Program, I often take my time to soak it in, because beneath what you are saying is also so much to distill. I can sense myself on the edge of something powerful, literally changing the trajectory of my life. You carry a powerful grace and I am just so grateful to God for making our paths cross!

Bodam Taiwo

The Concepts you teach are so powerful! I got home and started practicing Lofty Questions, and the experience felt so real, creating such unexplainable joy and gratitude in me! This is truly a magic formula. You are simply the best DDK. Thank you for the sacrifices you had to make to get this light. You are indeed a Midwife!

Olubunmi Abegunde

I wept as I watched you taking the words out of my mouth. Right in the Modules, you were teaching the very same things I was sharing with my husband and a few friends. Unbundling 2020 has been a Call for me to stop stalling and get the Blueprint for my assignment from God. You are not the one speaking, God actually unlocked your tongues and mind! Thank you for yielding to share this knowledge

TitiTunbi Olu-Joshua

Why is Unbundling 2020 Coaching Bootcamp DIFFERENT?

This Program opens your heart and not just your mind. As each Module unfolds, you’d find answers leading you to who you really are and your significant assignment in the world. 

It is not merely an informational experience, but a deeply transformational and prophetic encounter that sharpens your foresight for the evolutions and revolutions of this new decade. Thus, you get a chance to take your place in this generation and serve your purpose with power.

Everyone has an uncommon path, even within the same sector or similar season of life, and your cutting edge is in discovering your own uncommon path. That’s what this Course will do for you.

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