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Happy New Month Family!!!

It’s great to see the start of a new month. Big Hugs for you our dear members. We are so happy to have you in our corner. Can you guess who our member spotlight feature for today is?? *Drum Rolls*

Her name is Ugonne Okonkwo!

Here are a couple of things you need to know about her. She currently resides in Shenyang, China. She was born on the 11th May, and she thinks May is special because she was born in this month. She says she is quite Extra-ordinary and we believe her.

Happy BIRTHDAY in ADVANCE to our pretty sis! You can wish Ugonne a happy birthday in the comment section.

Ugonne is an ESL teacher i.e she teaches English as a second language to the most adorable preschoolers you’ll ever meet 🙂

And she has a lot of side things going on for her. She loves creating content so If she’s not making videos on her YOUTUBE channel, TILT THE NATIONS  ; then she’s writing on her personal blog or sharing and engaging with her community on Instagram

You need to check this babe out. She’s really really good.

She recently launched a coaching program called “The Visionary Youtubers” for New/Aspiring YouTubers who want to leverage YouTube for growing their personal brands.

This was actually one of her NBT’s for this quarter, and it’s so exciting seeing it take off.  You can click the link to know what that launch is all about:.

Let’s cheer our sister on!

Here is what she said about her favourite Inner Circle Course:

Gosh….It’s so hard to decide between Manifestation series, Unbundling 2020 and Acceleration Intensive. All these courses were Game-changing encounters for me but I’ll go with Acceleration Intensive because that course elevated my consciousness to the woman I am BECOMING. All the women DDK interviewed shared something that was so insightful and timely for my season. It was so profound.

If you feel like Ugonne sometimes, about Inner Circle courses, let’s see you in the comment section

We asked her what her expectations were as an Inner Circle member, and here is what she had to say:

I’m looking forward to a balanced, focused and upgraded version of myself by the end of this program. I can see it unraveling already.

Here are some fun facts about Ugonne:

I love Magnum Ice-cream bars and a good animation movie. That’s how I would typically unwind after a demanding week

A big shout out to Ugonne Okonkwo for doing this with us.



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