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EPIC Woman

The Yam-loving Lady

By October 16, 2020No Comments

Hello! We would like to introduce an awesome woman to you. She is the breath-taking Blessing who just happens to be our EPIC woman for the week. She is one of the women with extraordinary completion rates in the IMMERSE Inner Circle. Here is our interview:

IMMERSE: What is your name? 

BLESSING: Blessing Allen-Adebayo

IMMERSE: What state or country do you currently reside in?

BLESSING: Abuja, Nigeria.

IMMERSE: What is your Date of Birth? And Why do you think your birth month is special?

BLESSING: 29th September. September is the 9month of the year. All my best friends are born in September. For me, it represents divine completeness and perfection.

IMMERSE: What do you do for a living?

BLESSING: I am an International Development Advisor, passionate about ending poverty, conflict and discrimination.

IMMERSE: What is your side business? Kindly include details like website address, Social media handles, contact numbers, etx.

BLESSING: @joyfulmothersnetwork is an expression of my Father’s Business. It is a community of women speaking and believing God’s promises for fertility.

IMMERSE: What projects are you currently working on? Projects you’d like the Inner Circle Community to know about? E.g A book you are about to launch, a business, and so on.

BLESSING: I am writing a book to share my journey to motherhood. I recently launched a free e-devotional called the Promise Keeper Devotional, Its a 20 Day guide to mining God’s promises for supernatural conception, pregnancy and delivery.

IMMERSE: What Coaching Squad are you in?

BLESSING: Contribute Squad 4.2

IMMERSE: What’s your favourite Inner Circle Course? Why?

BLESSING: This is a difficult question because every course in the inner circle meets and moulds me differently. I would pick Activation Intensive because it was my first course, and it rocked the foundations of limiting belief systems, clarified the visions in my heart and made the epic life of a multi-dimensional woman look normal.

IMMERSE: What was the motivation behind your impressive completion rate? How were you able to complete multiple courses in such a short time? 

BLESSING: I schedule specific days/time of the week to take the courses.

IMMERSE: What are your expectations as an Inner circle Member?

BLESSING: The Inner circle is an inspiring community of epic women obeying the Father’s Call. I desire a deeper, more passionate relationship with my Father and to respond swiftly to His call and assignment.

IMMERSE: Let us know fun, interesting facts about you?

BLESSSING: I learned how to play chess at age 7. I can eat yam 3 times a day, seven times a week.

Amazing! We have one outstanding an inspirational woman here in Blessing, don’t you think so too? That will be all for today’ interview. We hope you enjoyed reading up about our EPIC woman for the week. Till next time, see ya!

Written by IMMERSE

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