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The human potential is vast but it is only unlocked by vision. It is not that anyone is more powerful than others, it is in the deployment of the resident giftings, strength, capacity and personal power that we have in the direction of clear purpose and vision that we shine. Visionary Blueprint is a 5-module course with Debola Deji-Kurunmi that takes you through navigating the inevitable visionary path.

Course Modules


Module One: The Power of a Compelling Vision

In this module, DDK explained in detail what vision is, the power of a compelling vision and its impact. This module explains why you keep having the nagging in your heart for more, how visionaries are raised in every generation, how they are moved from pain into vision, etc. This module at the end brings you to the question; how does your future look and what do you see ahead of you in the next two years, five years and decades?

Module Two: Ten Types of Wombs of Vision

This is a real mental awakening trademarked to DDK where ten different types of visionary wombs are explained using real examples and real life experiences. Linked to how our wiring impacts our execution of a divine purpose. The module also makes simple correlation in biological birth and Visionary process.

Module Three: The Visionary Path

This module offers clarity about the different stages a visionary would find him/herself, how multi-influential flow is linked to the visionary path, using real life characters to explain how a visionary transitions from each visionary stage and experiences peculiar to each stage.

Module Four: FORESIGHT: Training the Inner Eyes to See

In this module lies so many answers that you need as a Visionary in order to stay on the part that is continually fresh because catching a vision is a dynamic process that continues in your life. It helps you know how to live your life accessing truth, accessing vision and evolving along the line of new demands and a new direction for your life. Helps to radically evolve and also explains the posture that allows you have access to truth and light. It helps you get your frequency fine-tuned, retrace your steps to where you can hear and see clearly. Explains foresight where you can retrain your inner eyes to see, which helps you catch a picture of an unfolding future and your place in it. It also touches on embracing your visionary process that helps you get rid of excuses, documenting your vision and creating a game plan that helps take intentional steps toward your vision.

Module Five: The Visionary Process Blueprint

Vision is not just about seeing, the complete cycle of vision must lead you to seizing that which you have seen which would be a critical definer in this decade. This module takes the excuses away and moves you from learning into actionable and purposeful steps in the direction of what you are learning. It gives you a chance to really break down what it takes from the beginning of receiving a vision to actualizing it. You would be taken through the phase by phase process every Visionary must engage in from the moment they receive to seizing a vision. You would see what comes together for you to manifest the vision that God has put in your heart.
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