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Experience the brilliance of virtual mentorship from twelve extraordinary women who inspire you at a brand new level, and challenge you to shift to higher zones of possibility in your own life. The MasterClass Sessions are a classic collection of stirring interview sessions held by Debola Deji-Kurunmi with some of our Guest Mentors at IMMERSE Inner Circle.

In each MasterClass, DDK goes for the jugular, prodding her guests to reveal the behind-the-scene insights that have helped create results for them, as well as share from their expertise on the topic at hand. The Sessions have been selected for you, covering a range of coaching topics to help you shift your thinking and take action!

You’d love the friendship, humor, fun, practical guidance and easy-to-use tools distilled in the sessions. Definitely a collectors’ delight!

Course Modules


Session One: Triumph Yourself (Healing from Childhood Trauma) with Alexia Horsfall

Alexia Horsfall’s MasterClass will birth an emotional awakening in you. Whether you’ve faced childhood neglect, trauma, pain of comparison, parent-inflicted criticism; or any other type of emotional strain in your life, then this Session will be helpful.

During the Interview, DDK and her friend, Alexia; explore the unique dimensions of pain from a child’s point of view and journey into the path towards healing and recovery. Alexia’s vulnerable sharing also shows us how negative emotions build up to the point of distorting identity. This MasterClass will show you how to take responsibility for your healing.


Session Two: Self-Identity MasterClass with Poju Oyemade

Toyin Poju-Oyemade demystifies the struggles that we all face with our self-identity in this MasterClass. She teaches on the anchors that shape our self-perception and how to intentionally build from a knowledge that never shifts, even when seasons change and new realities happen in our lives. Whether changing job roles, or marital status or becoming a parent, or going through a loss; we all have to ask ourselves again and again – “who am I?” The answers that come to this question shapes many other things we do. This is a brilliant session with Mrs. Poju-Oyemade!

Session Three: Building a Power Circle with Morenike Molehin

In this session, you’d uncover the code for building a power circle, consisting of friendships and relationships in your life that empower you and inspire your focus to do and become more.

Morenike shows us what to do to repurpose even existing alliances to deliver more value, and help us step into new degrees of possibilities. If you’re seeking ways to grow meaningful friendships, as well as become a great friend yourself who attracts great people, then this MasterClass will give it to you!


Session Four: The Power of a Compelling Vision with Bunmi George (JBums)

The secrets of successful people are in their stories, and until you hear JBum’s compelling story; you’d be so wrong to think ShredderGang is just a business! In this MasterClass, Bunmi breaks it all down – sharing the difficult but life-transforming journey from being the rejected and struggling young woman on to becoming a literal powerhouse, all under one decade.

JBums helps you understand the invitations of purpose, how to recognize a vision whose time has come, and the important preparations that push you into a season of manifestation. This is a beloved memoir that will not only inspire you but give you answers.


Session Five: Quick Diction Mastery with Ayanfe Wole-Ojo

Take the Quick Diction Mastery Session with Ayanfe, and witness an interesting upgrade in your elocution, diction and confidence. It is the little things that matter, and you’d find easy ways to elevate your speech through this MasterClass.

A Diction Coach of repute, we spend time in this Session with Ayanfe, as she shares on the underlying cause of the popular “H” factor, the principles around accent-creation and the way to sound your words more excellently.


Session Six: The Kind of Sales that Works with Just Ibe

Just Ibe is a master of her craft, and her expertise shines through during this MasterClass. In this Session, Just brings home simple but effective sales strategies for you – covering ideas for selling in a way that works, to building sales funnels, growing connections with your buyers and pulling down objections. This is a definite winner on all fronts, as you’d also learn about the power of social media and how to use it for more successful selling (whether products or services)

Session Seven: The Business Structure MasterClass with Abiola Adediran

In this breakthrough MasterClass, the Business Structure Consultant herself, Abiola Adediran helps entrepreneurs and business owners to stop working in their business, but begin to work on it. Her proven key steps for putting more structure into your business are gamechangers that can lead you to create more order in your business, so you can free more time in your life to focus on things you love including your family and personal care.

Session Eight: Money MasterClass with Sola Adesakin

One of the best people to teach you about money is Coach Sola Adesakin. In this enlightening MasterClass, Sola teaches the three-throng approach of Making, Managing and Multiplying money with such simplicity. You will absolutely find valuable and practical tips that you can begin to use to improve your personal financial intelligence as well as do better with your money. This session also covers developing an abundance mindset in everyday life.

Session Nine: Life Systems with Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

In this Session, Eziaha shares a new and empowering way of thinking about your life, understanding the season you’re in and creating a system that supports you effectively to fulfil your vision without societal pressure. This interview is so powerful, and will open your mind to a greater sense of responsibility for your own life; while giving you the liberty to be who you want to be.

Session Ten: Parenting MasterClass with Remi Makanjuola

Remi Makanjuola breaks the whole parenting thing down in a way that makes you empowered to become an intentional parent, without the guilt or overwhelm many associate with this experience. RM shares in detail, and with valuable clarity on the power of scheduling for your children, expectation setting, care-giver management, routines and the intentional parenting mindset! A totally liberating and very instructive session.
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