Join our Member Video Feedback Party, and win a Scholarship to IMMERSE Inner Circle this cycle!

We’re taking only 50 entries, and here’s what matters to us:

  1. Your beautiful self, bright lightning, great background, quiet environment, audible voice, and your 55-second Transformation Story
  2. Your 55-second Transformation Story simply shares how IMMERSE Inner Circle has helped you achieve your personal growth goals, and what has happened to you.
  3. You could also share your fav parts of the membership, or your most-loved courses etc.

We are eager to hear from you, and here’s the big gift:

    1. Full Scholarship into SuperWoman Quarterly OR
    2. 50% Discount on SwiftWoman Quarterly OR
    3. 25% Discount on SwiftWoman Annual

This is going to be so exciting! We’ve got till 30th September 2021 or when we hit 50 submissions!

How to UPLOAD your Feedback Video:

  1. Select “Record Camera” and directly record your video, OR
  2. Select “Choose File”, this allows you either upload a video you have on your device already, or capture a new video for use. Easy!
  3. Video automatically uploads
  4. Then click the “Submit” Button underneath! And voila, you’re done!!

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