“DDK’s coaching is practical, authentic and breaks tables! She hands you wisdom, clarity and most importantly, actionable plans you can immediately execute. She’s fantastic and has added so much value to me!”

Anwuli Okusanya - Architect and Media Personality

“The greatest gift I have had from DDK is watching her execute big goals, despite having a full life with young children, multiple businesses and ministry. How she never makes any excuses not to perform has changed my perspective. She has also taught me to refuse societal or mental labels. DDK’s coaching is out of this world, and her Courses (both free or paid) have been so valuable as a catalyst for breaking into new things!”

Bukola Ogunwale - Business Coach, Small Business Lawyer, and Ministry Gift

“My IMMERSE Experience has been Unveiling and Awakening. I have an improved thirst on becoming a better version of me, stepping out of self-denial. I am now thinking up ways of improving my strength as well as bringing out the best in me to build my weakness. I have learnt to forgive and let go, the baggage are to be disposed for fresh air to be enjoyed. I’ve learnt to embrace change and try new things; mistakes might occur but if well worked on, I’ll be better off. Having someone who is genuinely interested in your being better is a beautiful thing.” 

Tolulope Anuoluwapo Tolulope

“It’s been a blessing much needed in this phase of my life. I have learnt to face myself and trash out issues. There’s been a mentality shift towards growth. It’s been super amazing really. I am no longer afraid to step out.”

Sefunmi Afere

“IMMERSE has been deep and stretching. I thought, read, and wrote like I never did, l discovered some huge aspects of my life. IMMERSE got me dreaming like never before and I hear myself saying it is achievable. IMMERSE got me to SINCERELY say to myself, “I love this woman” for the very first time. I love IMMERSE; it is now a part of me to ask myself important questions at all time.”

Ronke Ola

“I will describe the IMMERSE experience as a MIRACLE! I am Transformed! I am grateful I took this step. It has changed me forever. I am more organized as I never used to be a very detailed person. I see the shifts. I think before I speak, observe and listen before I make decisions, I deal with issues better and I am more disciplined with my decisions. I AM DIRECTED. Thank you Jesus & thanks to IMMERSE Coaching Company. This is my Change!”

Agi Vivienne Erima

“Wow! IMMERSE has really changed a lot in me. My self esteem has greatly increased. I’ve learnt a whole lot of things that will never leave me even after IMMERSE. Part of it, is the power of journal-ling. I discovered that I tend to act faster on my written thoughts/decisions than on the thoughts/decisions I don’t put into writing. IMMERSE has helped me to focus on my goals. That’s a big gift. Another thing is that I can never stop loving myself. IMMERSE is making me to thirst for more. And my WhatsApp team is just the best. Interacting with people of like minds is really a beautiful experience. Thank you DDK, I’m so grateful.” 

Odubote Oluwaseun Omobolanle

“IMMERSE was awesome!!! The transformation process was a healing process for me; it took me from a dark side to a brighter place. I have a brand new mindset about life and God. I sincerely love the woman I am today and the things ahead of me. I would say I’m a changed person. I’m not struggling to do anything; I do them with ease. I just see myself yearning more for God each day and I’m super grateful for that. Also, my coach was amazing and the ladies on my group were the best. I’m glad and thankful I attended the IMMERSE program”. 

Linda Ekpo

“IMMERSE for me has been revealing and transforming. I find myself thinking in a certain way. I’m more definite. I’m not as emotional as I used to be in decision making. I’m more practical and result-driven. The personality test and fashion tests have made me more intentional and aware of who I am and what I like. Especially the kind of work environment I prefer.  I’m more aware of money and I have a better awareness of the kind of relationship I should have with it and I know what to do with money now when it comes. It’s been a totally transforming time for me, one I won’t forget in a hurry. I got to step out of me and really see me for who I really was/am and not just what people think and say. Little by little I’ve gotten off my pedestal and I’m starting from scratch not afraid to make mistakes but not oblivious to the opportunities all around me and I’m paying more attention to the relationships in my life and all those plans I’ve had but haven’t done anything about. It’s really been an immersion for me.”

Vanessa Akuboh

“In the eight years of my coaching relationship with DDK, I’ve mastered the art of attempting things without fear, ditching perfection and surrounding myself with a team to bring different perspectives and to accomplish more than I’d do by myself. DDK’s coaching is phenomenal, shifts my thinking and helps me free myself to be better!”

Alexia Horsfall - CEO, Makeup by Alexia Horsfall

“You’ve taught me to take the time to build solid structures, invest heavily in people and then significantly invest in what I need to be an effective leader of my vision. Thank you for also showing me the principle of Deep Work.”

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo - Fitness Influencer and Domestic Queen’s Midwife

“The IMMERSE 30-Day Transformation Challenge has been a totally awesome experience. I am shedding baggage and letting go of unhealthy thought patterns. I am living consciously, loving myself and forging on with grace. I now have more clarity as to my life goals. I am resiliently chasing my dreams. I see life differently. I consciously look for the good in every situation because all things work together for my good. I made great friends and played a vital role in sending an orphan to school. My Coach was totally amazing and very understanding too.”

Fehintolu Adebanjo

“Your program opened my eyes to ME thoroughly, made me see and understand my strength and weaknesses and it’s leaving me with the strength to happily forge ahead against all odds. The program has energized me to work on my weaknesses to best I can be. Also, since IMMERSE, I have a happier version of who I was. I laugh and smile easily and genuinely, I worry less and I love myself over and over again. #IMMERSEisAwesomelikethat!”  

Olowolade Adeyinka

“The IMMERSE 30-Day Transformation Course has been one of my most awesome experiences ever. I had to dig deep to find parts of me that I had forgotten about. It made me open up more. Learn to trust people. It reinforced my belief in myself more. Coach Funms is da bomb by the way. She is so full of love, and encouraging words, and life……….plus she’s a fire fighter. Chai!!!!! IMMERSE is hands down the best thing that has happened to me in 2017. I look forward to a better, brighter and more fulfilling 2017 and beyond.”

Ololade Adebayo

“IMMERSE is a highly impactful program that changed me, completely. I could not have asked for a better way to spend my time and energy. I now know how to schedule, say no without feeling guilty, request to be paid for my services without feeling guilty or sinful. I’ve learned how to depend on myself, when people disappoint me now I smile, because I know I am my self’s best friend anyway and I won’t disappoint myself. I’ve learned to laugh at my own mistakes, forgive myself, forgive others and give and receive love freely.  I made new friends with other go getter ladies and wow, I’m thrilled.”

Dr. Olawunmi Aderounke Adewole

“My IMMERSE experience truly liberated me and I wasn’t left empty or groping through darkness, rather every part of me was invigorated as my Spirit, Soul and Body was aptly captured. Before IMMERSE, I was trying so hard to capture my life definition, to find my flavor /essence however that is a story of the past as I’m excited about always launching out my Best version and living every moment to the fullest.”

Oluwatosin Abisola

“What IMMERSE have helped me to do primarily is go back to my core. Bring it out, dust it and put it back on the road for the journey. You know how life gets so busy you can’t find yourself? Mine was like that. But I once again remember what’s most important.  And I’m focusing on those now”. 

Oluwakemi Banjo

“It is a real paradigm shift for me, my excitement cannot be contained. This is the best 30 days of my year yet. My coach was the best, she was just so awesome with her answers, and she was super real as real can be. Each questions caused some disruptive changes to my perception, I haven’t had to go into deep mental thoughts like I have these past 30 days. I can never remain the same; it is a crime to remain the same. Most importantly I am acting and becoming a better women.”

Omotayo Atinuke Junaid

“I am absolutely inspired by DDK’s can-do attitude and drive! Her genuine love and passion that shines through as powerful forces driving her work. Learning these principles from you have influenced my work and how I lead my teams. DDK is always on to something, even when she is seemingly silent, she is sure executing. Looking at how you deliver excellently on many levels, one can’t even be tempted to be complacent.”

Bolutife Oladidupo - CEO, BestHomes Inc.

“After IMMERSE 30- Day Transformation Challenge, I joined your powerful community of go-getter women, getting the opportunity of accountability, friendships and growth! Your direct mentoring has shown me the significant lesson that “who we become achieving our goals is more important than achieving the goal itself.” For many years before now, I would write down my goal and keep pushing all alone, while often second-guessing myself till I give up on the big goal, but not anymore!!.”

Ibironke Olurotimi - Founder, Clarity School for Girls

“Thank you IMMERSE for your Course! It was transformational. I am more intentional about my dreams and goals, the kinds of people I hang around, I am more focused on the present (no more worrying or being anxious about the future). I got value for my money.”

Ozioma N. Ogbaji

“IMMERSE has been a transformation experience for me in major areas of life. Hitherto, my mindset about money, self and a whole lot of things were poor and mostly negative. IMMERSE made me realize that I needed to change my mind-set in order to move forward. I prayerfully read those resources, wrote some affirmations and made decisions. Now my thoughts are positive, lighter and I so much love it. Most times, those affirmations from the resources come unbidden to my heart at the nick of time and I appreciate myself the more. I use wealth affirmations a lot now and share with people around me. I have to revisit my IMMERSE answers and the resources very often so as to keep being IMMERSED. I will also keep confessing and praying those words too. IMMERSE reignited my thirst for reading books. I have started and will keep getting resources for my new career path, finance, business and spirituality. ” 

Damola Fajobi

“It has been soul searching journey. Deep questions that require deep thoughts. I saw the things I didn’t like, I envisioned the change and all I had left to do was take action. IMMERSE connected me with women of like passion and I knew I wasn’t the only one thinking there was more to life than marriage and kids. I was really open and re-energized to go for my goals. We talked about spiritual journey and importance of scheduling time with God. Also speaking with my coach on phone was very heartwarming. I felt really secure with these women and I am happy I signed up for the program.”

Temiloluwa Durojaiye

“I would say in all, my IMMERSE experience has been deep, eye opening and revealing for me. During this program, I have learnt the act of scheduling, time management, building my relationship better with God, experience closure with my husband , son and family, practiced the act of self love & self encouragement and I also know I can achieve any goals I have set. I have also discovered that I don’t have to continue living in my comfort zone as there is nothing to fear. I will learnt to face my challenges and make mistakes, learn from them and rise again which is automatically me living in a stretch street. Thank you for this experience and I do not take it for granted. God bless DDK and God bless the IMMERSE Coaching Company.”

Mrs Ifeoluwa Omolola Akinsanya

“The IMMERSE experience has made me more aware, more present than ever before. It is almost like even dropping a pin on the floor matters in the grand scheme of things. Everything matters. And in that thinking, not everything should matter beyond that moment. Exist Winnie, truly exist in the present”.

Winifred Dike

“It was life changing not in the lightest way. I am now critically questioning my love walk and attitude to those around me. I have a depth of materials and resources I can always refer to. I have new friends!!!! That is the most amazing part and I intend to nurture those friendships. My coach knows she has gotten a coachee for life. I did not see IMMERSE in the beginning of the year, and for me those are the most treasured things I look out for in life – the unexpected.”

Karen Falade