What Go-Getter Women Say

“You’ve taught me to take the time to build solid structures, invest heavily in people and then significantly invest in what I need to be an effective leader of my vision. Thank you for also showing me the principle of Deep Work.”

“I joined IMMERSE fully after IGNITION Intensive which fueled a fire and vision I was close to discarding. Before then, I’ve had a reputation as one who has ideas and quits or doesn’t even start. As I moved from IGNITION Intensive to DOABILITY Coaching Program, and then join the IMMERSE  Inner Circle; I became ME. My personal growth is measurable and significant. 

My faith-based non-profit, with its varied projects since last year, is doing significant work with awesome people and harvesting terrific results. IMMERSE has been a tool for these achievements!”

“The greatest gift I have had from DDK is watching her execute big goals, despite having a full life with young children, multiple businesses and ministry. How she never makes any excuses not to perform has changed my perspective. She has also taught me to refuse societal or mental labels. DDK’s coaching is out of this world, and her Courses (both free or paid) have been so valuable as a catalyst for breaking into new things!”

I joined IMMERSE after IGNITION Intensive and it set me on a journey of cleansing, self-discovery, self-awareness, healing as well as becoming the woman with the compelling vision to do everything I was born to do. IMMERSE catapulted me out of the limiting mindset that I must be known for one thing! Every resource I’ve interacted with, have birthed me into multidimensional flow of expressions that had been locked up in me for decades! I’m so grateful to God for IMMERSE and DDK.

“Joining this Membership in the last quarter of 2019 is one of the best decisions in 2019. If I start to tell you the SHIFTS that happened to me within that quarter of being in the Circle, IT WILL FILL A NOTEBOOK. But the biggest FRUIT for me is the FRIENDSHIPS. Oh, I have met and connected some powerful and amazing women. 

My Super Power Circle!! Go-getter women that have left their comfort zone and are writing books, starting businesses, launching products, going back to school, taking certifications, creating products and just engaging their generation. 

We literally meet every month to discuss our quarterly goals (we call them NBTs in the Inner Circle!) Because of the real VALUE I got from the Inner Circle, I was like y’all should please take my money!”

“DDK’s coaching is practical, authentic and breaks tables! She hands you wisdom, clarity and most importantly, actionable plans you can immediately execute. She’s fantastic and has added so much value to me!”

I struggled a lot with moving forward from my past and into the person I wanted to be. I didn’t consider myself worthy of good things because of mistakes I made, which made me sad and discouraged for years. I had given up on myself…and I needed help. I hoped to forgive me and learn to love myself! 

I joined IMMERSE Inner Circle because I saw women getting real results through this platform and I wanted to be one of them. Since joining, I have smashed and still smashing my 2020 transformational goals including structuring my business, destroying long-standing negative mindsets and creating a daily schedule that has improved my productivity.

In 2019, I started the year with an intense hunger on the inside of me, and by the end of the first quarter of the year, I felt overwhelmed with all my many dreams and the desires of bringing to life some of the things that were on the inside of me.  I changed jobs and for a while, I thought the hunger had died down, it came back stronger than ever as we approached the start of the second quarter. 

One of the ministries I am a leader of is called Praying Women Circle and every year we organise a weekend away for the women to bond and connect. In 2018, we had invited Debola Deji-Kurunmi, fondly called DDK to speak to the ladies and even though I wasn’t in the country at the time, it was rated one of the most popular sessions of the weekend. I had followed her Instagram and I was intrigued because the woman I was seeing was not the same woman I had seen in 2018. I got really curious and I followed as many expressions of hers I could find – Ideation Hub, Immerse Inner Circle, Deborah Initiative for Women, Firebrand, Books By DDK – if it had her name on it, I followed it; and then I saw she had opened some coaching thing and it was going to be open for only 2-3 weeks, so I weighed the risks and decided to sign up for the quarterly package that included one-on-one coaching.

I sat in the room with DDK for about 2 hours, and in that time, she deconstructed the turmoil I was going through – she just got it and what’s more, she walked with me to help me birth the burning passions within me!

I’ve been with Immerse Inner Circle since it launched in July of 2019 and in this time, I have:

— Hit my financial savings goal;

— Hit my target number of books to be read and distilled key knowledge from it;

— Received clarity and direction for the Ladies Monthly Prayer Session: a Prayer ministry I host;

— Spoken across different platforms on a range of different topics;

— Finished writing my first book, Be-You-Ti-Ful which is due to launch on the 1st of June 2020;

— Launched my coaching MasterMind for women called Be-You-Ti-Ful MasterMind;

— Started The Esther Curriculum which are grooming and hospitality sessions for women in ministry

— Started Be-You-Ti-Ful sessions which are identity conversations with women;

— Started Hangout with Single Sisters which is a platform to help women make the most of their single lives;

— Finished an Events and Wedding Planning Certification programme; and

— Redefined my company’s vision and I’m currently creating a business and marketing plan for my business 

Beyond all of that is the mindset shifts that’s happened, I’ve literally stepped into wide open spaces where all I see are the possibilities in front of me! I’m excited about life, excited about the future and enjoying the present moment! I’m learning to stop and rest and truly enjoy the present time while setting myself up to have the future God wants for me! It’s been a beautiful and transformational journey and I’m just getting started!”

“I am absolutely inspired by DDK’s can-do attitude and drive! Her genuine love and passion that shines through as powerful forces driving her work. Learning these principles from you have influenced my work and how I lead my teams. DDK is always on to something, even when she is seemingly silent, she is sure executing. Looking at how you deliver excellently on many levels, one can’t even be tempted to be complacent.”

“After IMMERSE 30- Day Transformation Challenge, I joined your powerful community of go-getter women, getting the opportunity of accountability, friendships and growth! Your direct mentoring has shown me the significant lesson that “who we become achieving our goals is more important than achieving the goal itself.” For many years before now, I would write down my goal and keep pushing all alone, while often second-guessing myself till I give up on the big goal, but not anymore!!.”

The last three months of my life have been on fire! I have experienced major shifts in my thinking and epic upgrades in my experiences. No kidding! I am wild about investing in personal development but IMMERSE Inner Circle is on a whole different level. You cannot be there and stay the same. You cannot speak the same. Your experiences cannot remain the same. Your circle cannot remain the same. You cannot remain clueless. Even if you’re doing great in your life right now, you will start to conceptualize levels that you never knew existed.

You will form God-ordained, destiny partnerships and relationships. You will be around visionary women that will hold you accountable, inspire, challenge, encourage and cheer you on. If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. It would be selfish of me not to ask you to please join IMMERSE Inner Circle!

“DDK, where have you been all my life?” is the question I frequently asked myself after my first meeting with her. My life drastically changed when I decided to enroll for her coaching series and thank goodness I did. IMMERSE has been an IMMENSE blessing. The greatest thing that happened to me on this journey was a MINDSHIFT and that can only be for the best.

Through this experience, I was forced to learn, unlearn and relearn certain thoughts patterns I’d been stuck with in the past. I went from just barely having enough to living in abundance. DDK is a Coach who pours into you but draws from a wealthy well of WISDOM and REVELATION 🙌🏽. She has literally unlocked the secrets in the hidden places and exposed it to all so that we live a life of abundance the way our Maker intended.

“I joined the IMMERSE 30-Day Transformation Challenge in 2018, and that Program was such a turning point for me, that one year down the line, I was amazed at the new me that evolved! IMMERSE Inner Circle launched later, and I was thirsty, I couldn’t be left out. In becoming a part of this membership, I literally download wisdom. I also got the tools and support that has helped me launch forward with great strides.”