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Achieve true success in your life and work with IMMERSE Inner Circle. We are a transformational coaching membership for visionary women, to help you unlock higher potential, manifest your greatness and multiply wealth, so you can impact generations.


This is YOUR Time!

Darling Sister,

Believe it, no cliche! This is your time and your turn. Right now, everywhere I look; I see women experiencing the birth pangs of an emerging season, because we know there's MORE to us and we are no longer satisfied with status quo!

Personally, I can no longer be satisfied with where I've been and what I've achieved. Though truly thankful to be leading an army of influential visionaries across my various assignments; yet I have never felt the urgency I feel right now.

Since 2020, I started announcing the Rise of the Future-Forward Female, because I see God is placing incredible favour over women, and shifting us to the frontline of generational change, political reformations, transformational leadership and unusual prosperity.

And in the last 2 years, we've seen an explosion of female leaders, impactful entrepreneurs, ministry gifts, political voices and visionary women of African descent - nothing like we've ever seen before.

YOU are that Future-Forward Female, and you're not going to be left out of this generational move, because YOU were born for a time such as this!

My commitment as your Coach and Catalyst is to help you unlock higher potential, manifest your greatness and fulfil your Destiny DNA. I want to see you positioned, prepared and propelled into divinely open doors this Decade, and that is why I've built IMMERSE Inner Circle as a high-impact coaching membership for women who will lead our future.

Stay in a coaching membership that challenges your status quo, elevates your paradigm and empowers your vision!

How We Roll at IMMERSE Inner Circle!

Every part of the Inner Circle is carefully curated and delicately designed to help you WIN! We support you to build an elegant life of peace, purpose and prosperity without trading the things that matter to you.

You deserve the investment! You deserve the gifts! See extra good stuff we have for YOU.

Whatever Stage of Life You're In, there's a Coaching Plan for YOU!

Growth Pathways™ - for SproutWoman and SuperWoman Members

Future-Forward Female™ Blueprint - for MasterMind Members

Here's our Calendar. See what's coming!


Meet DDK

Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a transformational catalyst, equipping a new breed of visionaries, social saviours and change-makers through her work of coaching, consulting and capacity building.

She is Founder of IMMERSE Coaching Company (a global personal transformation coaching practice), Executive Director at Ideation Hub Africa (a public policy and impact advisory firm) and President at Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance and FIREBRAND Movement (both non-denominational faith-based organisations).

Founded in 2014, IMMERSE Coaching Company has grown into a 70,000+ strong tech-driven global community of changemakers living in 100+ countries, using DDK's breakthrough coaching methodology to elevate impact, authority and leadership.

DDK is a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach by the Oleg Konovalov Global Certification, a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, a Certified Masteries Practitioner of the International Association of Coaching and was named as Nigeria's Leading Coach at the 2021 Motherland Awards.

She served twice as a Mentor Jury of the Queen’s Young Leader Awards (a UK Government fellowship that honors exceptional young leaders in the Common Wealth). In 2018, she was selected by the US Government as one of Africa’s most promising young leaders and a Mandela Washington Fellow. She was recently listed as one of Africa's 50 Most Impactful Women 2023.

DDK as she is fondly called, is an author of 22 books till date, and has spoken in four continents to emerging leaders, teams of multinational corporations, global development practitioners, SME owners, and young people yearning for a purpose-driven life.

This babe is super in love with Deji and they are both joyfully devoted to God, each other and their children.

Seeking High-Tier One-on-One Coaching with DDK?

DDK is masterful at high-tier coaching for leaders, C-Suite executive, founders etc. who seek go-to-market strategy, rapid execution techniques, visionary launch and mastery, personal reinvention, ministry growth and wealth expansion.


What our Women Say!

You can't come in contact with DDK and remain the same person. It's impossible! Her words will move you from where you are to where you need to be.

First, DDK is LIGHT! Second, DDK is CATALYSIS on steroids! Her coaching gets you moving - this is where the transformation piece comes in. She helps you see that more is possible and literally gives you the tools you need.

Third, DDK is a true VISIONARY with accurate prophetic insight! She's never caught up with the now and wants you to be aware of the future.

- Ayanfe Egede, Marketing and Communications Professional

Being coached by DDK is a total life make over experience. The miracle happens when take her Courses and follow through diligently, because you actually transform into a new person.

She’s an expert in going for root causes of mindsets not just symptoms, and the wisdom she delivers is truly transformational.

Joining within her coaching program will produce many things for you including EPIC Shifts, upgraded mindset, possibility thinking, amazing insights, a warm community, super duper awesome coaches, an abundance mindset!

- Chiaka Chuku, Non-Profit Professional, Marriage Coach

DDK is patient, attentive, thorough and has a very systematic approach to problem solving. I love how she uncovers and helps you unravel what seems like a mess into something beautiful.

She's a believer in the ability of anyone to become more. She will speak to you as though your vision about to be achieved, thereby bringing one to the point of accepting and already seeing themselves that way.

As my coach, she has shown me how to thrive through systems, connect with people and become aware of my limitless potentiality!

- Yagazie Eguare, Leading Professional Photographer

Listen to our Women share Big Wins!

See MORE of our Women!

DDK is phenomenal! She is everything she teaches! She is a force of impact on me. DDK is the real deal! Gosh! I am so blessed and grateful! I don’t know how I would have gone through 2020 so successfully, without my coaching experience with DDK.

Working with her has shifted me into the belief that my dreams are valid and achievable! I have grown in confidence as I have come to understand my visionary journey . I have gained strengths in the area of execution and learnt to leverage my strengths rather than focus on my ‘weaknesses’

- Christina Soname, Corporate Trainer and Author, Dear Young Professional

DDK is a FORCE of LIGHT that hits you and then leaves you permanently transformed. Her coaching is laced with uncommon wisdom and rare insights that moves you out of comfort zone.

I've achieved more in one year with her coaching than in my many years of walking this earth!

Working with you, I stepped out fearlessly to launch a transformational online course, boldly authored a counter-cultural book, launched my relationship coaching company, hosted masterclasses that have impacted hundreds - and there's still so much more in the works!
- Tosin Sanni, Relationship Coach and HR Professional

DDK is a LIVING PROOF! She doesn't just teach grit, I can say for a fact that you'd meet very few humans who could match her own grit.

Her courses have become one of my best places for inspiration, discipline, and encouragement. I've stayed plugged in because I like to be able to visit places that push me to do more and IMMERSE does that for me.

My best transformational story is how I SEE farther now and that's a great plus to the vision strength I have. Your Coaching helped me SEE more and that has transformed how I distill possibilities to reality.

- Desewa Adebowale, Medical Doctor


How do I know if this is right for me?

Great question! Whether it's the SproutWoman, SuperWoman or Future-Forward Female™ MasterMind, this membership is ideal for you if you're a woman ready to unlock your higher dimension. And as an entrepreneur, career professional, political leader or spiritual mentor; we're all connected in the IMMERSE Inner Circle by the conviction that God is shifting women into the frontline, and we want to be ready for what He is ready for! That's it really.

So, if you desire a community that grows your gift and shows you a roadmap for your becoming process, then this is the place for you.

What if I live outside Nigeria?

We are a global community of visionary men and women, from all parts of the world. If you are outside Nigeria, you may be unable to attend live events but you will be fully part of everything else, plus we have so many webinars, coaching calls, and exciting online events.

Do you offer Refunds?

No, we don’t offer refunds. We have a no refund policy. Our Customised growth map is completely digital, so there are no refunds on any payment (partial or full) once you enroll. We believe commitment and follow-through create momentum. We believe you will make progress if you apply the growth map. This is a community-centered accountability program and learning opportunity. Thank you for understanding and honoring our policy.

As a member of the Future-Forward Female MasterMind, will I have access to previous Blueprint Modules?

A big YES! In addition to the new modules we are releasing the Future-Forward Female Blueprint Program, you continue to have access to previous modules covered across the 5 Protocols, so far your membership is active with us.

Can I upgrade from SuperWoman to Future-Forward Female MasterMind NOW?

Absolutely and that's a fantastic choice. Also note that if you choose to move into the MasterMind during the membership renewal period, you gain a 20% discount, which is a great bonus for you.

How long do I have access to the Coaching, Courses, and Community at IMMERSE Inner Circle?

Your access to the learning resources depends on your subscription package, which is either quarterly or annually.

A quarterly subscription gives you access to the Learning Platform for an entire cycle after which your access to the Learning platform would expire and you’d have to enroll when another cycle starts.
An annual subscription gives you access to 3 full cycles with unbroken access to the Learning Platform all year round, even during breaks between coaching cylces.

Tell me more about the Learning Communities

For SproutWoman and SuperWoman, the Telegram Learning Community is an accountability group built for you and other women on the same growth pathway as you. It is a no-judgment zone where you learn, share and grow. The Learning Community offers you support and accountability. We encourage you to join if you're able to commit time, effort, and presence to the coaching process.

Tell me more about the MasterMind Labs?

Future-Forward Female MasterMind members experience a rigorous, no-excuses growth process within smaller Labs, alongside other first-class female leaders, facilitated by Support Coaches. Inspirational learning, sharing, loving and winning happen here. You will have to show up, put in the work because we're rooting for you to win!

Can I defer my membership subscription?

No, we do not permit deferrals please. Given the digital nature of our program, your membership subscription offers you full access to our Programs. If you're unable to fully maximise the membership at this time, we encourage you consider a different cycle. Pro Tip: Take a flagship course, till you can re-join the membership. Thank you for honoring our policy.

Ready to step into your Greatness?

***Membership Renewal closes on Sunday, 14th May 2023. Maximize your special discount plus all goodies added. After this date, we return to normal pricing.

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