Our Packages

We’ve Got a Coaching Package that Works for You!

These are the Awesome Stuff we have in store for you:


  • Access to a unique Coaching Squad based on your Growth Pathway, organized around a 90-Day Personal Transformation just for you.
  • Connect with our Support Coaches to find further help and support on your journey.
  • Get answers from our Founder and other coaches during Town Hall Sessions and Webinars
  • Have access to verified Partner Specialty Coaches who can provide coaching services to you on specific need areas at a discount approved for only Inner Circle members on specific areas including finance, weight loss, parenting and family, business clarity, branding etc.


  • Mindset-Shifting and Transformation Courses in each of the Growth Pathways. (Explore our courses).
  • New courses added every month.
  • Access to all courses in the Inner Circle.


  • Learning Resources, Life Toolkits and Action Plans to support your learning goals
  • Transformational eBooks and Blog Posts from our Team of Writers
  • Metamorphosis HQ Podcasts with DDK and her amazing friends!


  • Access to our Community of Go-Getter Women who get you, support you and win with you!
  • Full access to our exciting Book Reading Club to help you ace your knowledge goals
  • Join your Unique Coaching Hub where you’d find Accountability Partners, Accomplishment Teams and Friends of the Journey
  • Set and track goals, as well as review Courses. Then throw a party with your new friends!


  • Access our yearly meet ups, Campus Summits and Live Awake Conferences
  • Organize Vision Board Parties and Goal Accomplishment Celebrations with your own Small Teams