Our Packages

We’ve Got a Coaching Package that Works for You!

These are the Awesome Stuff we have in store for you:


Access to a unique Coaching Squad based on your Growth Pathway, organized around a 90-Day Personal Transformation just for you.

Connect with our Support Coaches to find further help and support on your journey.

Get answers from our Founder and other coaches during Town Hall Sessions and Webinars

Have access to verified Partner Specialty Coaches who can provide coaching services to you on specific need areas at a discount approved for only Inner Circle members on specific areas including finance, weight loss, parenting and family, business clarity, branding etc.


Mindset-Shifting and Transformation Courses in each of the Growth Pathways. (Explore our courses).

New courses added every month.

Access to all courses in the Inner Circle.


Learning Resources, Life Toolkits and Action Plans to support your learning goals

Transformational eBooks and Blog Posts from our Team of Writers

Metamorphosis HQ Podcasts with DDK and her amazing friends!


Access to our Community of Go-Getter Women who get you, support you and win with you!

Full access to our exciting Book Reading Club to help you ace your knowledge goals

Join your Unique Coaching Hub where you’d find Accountability Partners, Accomplishment Teams and Friends of the Journey

Set and track goals, as well as review Courses. Then throw a party with your new friends!


Access our yearly meet ups, Campus Summits and Live Awake Conferences

Organize Vision Board Parties and Goal Accomplishment Celebrations with your own Small Teams