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Over 70, 000 people have enrolled in one of these Courses since 2014.

The Visionary Blueprint

The Visionary Blueprint is nothing like you’ve heard it, because this course breaks down stages in the Purpose Process as well as the signs of each stage. Here, we dismantle the myths about visions and vision boards; then lead you to really see how God stirs and steers people to birth and build an impactful work, as well as how you can capture a compelling vision for the future because many times, the next thing to do towards articulating a vision is already sitting in your spirit thus, the need to reorganize your life in a way that allows you distill what’s in your spirit to your soul.

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Visioning Your Year Retreat

Visioning Your Year Retreat is a five-part Catalytic Coaching Series with Debola Deji-Kurunmi helping you position for this Decade with clarity and confidence, so that you produce real results with ease as you manifest your vision.

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DOABILITY Coaching Program

DOABILITY Coaching Program is a 7-Module Course that will help you trigger multiple UPGRADES in your life, and it is really for women serious about transitioning from good goals to real results, because Vision Boards are tiring, if it’s all pictures and no power!! If you’re seeking clarity about how to launch your vision, manage different expressions of your purpose and produce greater results in your life – then this Program is definitely for you!

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UNBUNDLING the Decade Coaching Bootcamp

We are now in one of the most disruptive decades in history. Many NEW ORDERS across sectors, systems and societies are being released in quick succession. And I want to help you activate a new order in your thinking and behaviour so that the future doesn’t catch you unequipped by surprise! There are signs, signposts and signals pointing us in the direction of emerging realities, possibilities and opportunities. You have an advantage today to seize this moment, access the roadmap to transgenerational possibilities, and prepare for what has been prepared for you!

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IGNITION Intensive

IGNITION INTENSIVE is for you, if you are desperate to push the boundaries of possibilities in your life and MOVE FORWARD into MORE. A Catalystic Course, it opens up the trusted framework for transitioning from dreaming to doing; and shifting significantly into real results in your life. Vision Boards and Goal Setting are great, but the numbers already show that only about 20 – 30 % of those who set goals achieve them. You know why? It’s because until we fix our “being”, we can’t force our “doing”. 

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ACCELERATION Intensive is a signature Personal Transformation Course, which delivers significant mindset reengineering that will challenge you at key levels of your being – emotionally, mentally, intellectually and spiritually.  This 7-Module Course is for go-getters and leaders, seeking to transition from GOOD to GREAT! If you are already hitting hard at your goals, but want to accelerate into giant strides in life and vision; then Acceleration Intensive will bring you real answers.

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The MasterClasses

Experience the brilliance of virtual mentorship from ten extraordinary women who inspire you at a brand new level, and challenge you to shift to higher zones of possibility in your own life. The MasterClass Sessions are a classic collection of stirring interview sessions held by Debola Deji-Kurunmi with some of our Guest Mentors at IMMERSE Inner Circle.

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Are you a man or woman who desires a Life of Purpose, Peace and Prosperity, impacting the world with your giftings and building wealth through your work, without losing the things you treasure the most e.g. your family and spirituality?

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Membership Courses

These are Short Courses, Coaching Calls, Programs and Webinars provided exclusively to members of IMMERSE Inner Circle only. Our subscription-based membership inspires thousands of women to design their life of peace, purpose and prosperity. Experience transformational coaching, courses, content as well as an exponential community of go-getter women. You also get to work with Support Coaches and Mentors.

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