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SuperWoman Coaching Package

You’d love this Package so much, because it provides you with all you need to step into your LIFE UPGRADE! It is a fantastic way to begin your IMMERSE Inner Circle journey, if you are seeking wonder-working wisdom to move your life forward, as well as a community of go-getter women to hold your hands on the journey. 

SuperWoman offers you full access to all the Courses within the membership, piping hot Content including eBooks, Podcasts and our Blog, plus enrolls you into your unique Coaching Squad based on the stage of life you are currently in. You will find your answers no matter – whether it’s emotional healing and cleansing; self-discovery and life clarity; or goal-setting and visioning; purposeful living and execution; or abundance and multi-influential flows.

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SwiftWoman Coaching Package

This Package is for women who want to go exponential with their Vision! In addition to the amazing benefits of the SuperWoman Package, you can elevate into major momentum by walking closer with DDK and an Exclusive MasterMind of other extraordinary achievers. 

SwiftWoman puts you in turbo-charged Group Coaching Sessions with DDK, where you pick her brain on your big ideas, draw insights from other members of the MasterMind as well as enjoy behind-the-scenes of some of her biggest projects.  International members gain livestreaming access to the Group Coaching Hangouts and Private Webinars.

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Activation Sessions

During a standard Activation Session, DDK will walk you through a 120-min – 150-mins coaching conversation where she will primarily help you clarify HOW TO MOVE FORWARD with a key life direction, an idea/ project you’re thinking about or a wildly important goal you have set for yourself. The central goal of an Activation Session is to empower you with the clarity, concrete steps and confidence to move from vision to action.

During your Session, she will walk with you to build a pragmatic roadmap which, if followed, will significantly improve your capacity to get what you want! Her coaching style is a mix of kind understanding, hard talk, real answers, and channeled introspection. She uses humor, personal examples, pathfinder wisdom, resources that help you best and she often leverages her wide network of mentors and coaches; by making a connection with someone whose help you may need.

At the end of the Session, she will work with you to draw up an Action Plan for high priority steps, resources for your use and possible assignments for you to work on. If subsequent sessions are requested by you; they may be provided at a discounted rate – depending on her availability.

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90 - 120 Minutes Session
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