We’ve Got a Coaching Package that Works for You!

These are the Awesome Stuff we have in store for you:


  • Access to a unique Coaching Squad based on your Growth Pathway, organized around a 90-Day Personal Transformation just for you.
  • Connect with our Support Coaches to find further help and support on your journey.
  • Get answers from our Founder and other coaches during Town Hall Sessions and Webinars
  • Have access to verified Partner Specialty Coaches who can provide coaching services to you on specific need areas at a discount approved for only Inner Circle members on specific areas including finance, weight loss, parenting and family, business clarity, branding etc.


  • Mindset-Shifting and Transformation Courses in each of the Growth Pathways. (Explore our courses).
  • New courses added every month.
  • Access to all courses in the Inner Circle.


  • Learning Resources, Life Toolkits and Action Plans to support your learning goals
  • Transformational eBooks and Blog Posts from our Team of Writers
  • Metamorphosis HQ Podcasts with DDK and her amazing friends!


  • Access to our Community of Go-Getter Women who get you, support you and win with you!
  • Full access to our exciting Book Reading Club to help you ace your knowledge goals
  • Join your Unique Coaching Hub where you’d find Accountability Partners, Accomplishment Teams and Friends of the Journey
  • Set and track goals, as well as review Courses. Then throw a party with your new friends!


  • Access our yearly meet ups, Campus Summits and Live Awake Conferences
  • Organize Vision Board Parties and Goal Accomplishment Celebrations with your own Small Teams


  • How do I know that IMMERSE Inner Circle is for me?

    If you are a woman keen on building a life of fulfillment and success around your natural excellence and purpose; without compromising the things that matter most to you, then the Inner Circle is definitely going to help you achieve your life goals.

  • I'm ready to sign-up! Can I enroll right away?

    We are currently opened for enrollment from November 1st to November 15th 2019. After this period, our next enrollment period begins next year.

  • How long do I have access to the Coaching, Courses and Community at IMMERSE Inner Circle?

    For as long as you are a paying subscriber.

  • How can I access the content?

    Content is available to all our members, and you can access both on your mobile devices and computer.

  • What’s the duration and nature of the courses?

    Our courses are self-paced video and/or text-based courses delivered in varying durations. Some are short while others are lengthier for a full transformational cycle to be triggered. Most of our courses can be completed in a few hours.

  • What if I live outside Nigeria?

    We are building a global community of go-getter women, from all parts of the world. if you are outside Nigeria, you may be unable to attend live events but will be fully part of everything else, plus we have so many webinars and exciting online events.

  • How will I be billed?

    You will be billed either on a quarterly subscription or you can opt for a discounted annual subscription.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Absolutely! Send an email within the first 5 days of joining IMMERSE Inner Circle if you seek to opt out, and we’d send you a full refund.

  • What are the Live DOABILITY Coaching Sessions with DDK all about?

    The DOABILITY Coaching Sessions with DDK are her signature coaching-on-steroids sessions where she sits in the room with her coaching clients, distilling transformational insights and sharing “how-to hacks” for creating real results and changing their own lives. During these sessions, DDK is in her elements – mixing wisdom with wit, cracking up her friends and driving very powerful comrade spirit in everyone. She also reviews the Next Big Thing (NBT) goals set by her clients and gives one-on-one guidance. Women out of Lagos can join the sessions via video conferencing and livestreaming provided.

  • Talk to me more about the Support Coaches

    If you seek further clarity or hand-holding on an area you’re working; a chat with a Support Coach may be arranged depending on availability. And for a token fee, you can be connected to any of Specialty Partner Coaches who provide specific advise ranging finance, health, weight loss, parenting, marriage and relationship etc.

  • Please clarify the pricing for IMMERSE Inner Circle

    To join IMMERSE Inner Circle, you can choose either the Super Woman or Swift Woman Coaching Plan.

    The Swift Woman Package costs an annual fee of N175, 000 ($485) that gives you access for one full year, or a quarterly fee of N50, 000 ($140) that gives you access for three months.

    The Super Woman Package costs an annual fee of N40, 000 ($110) that gives you access for one full year (i.e. till May/ June 2020), or a quarterly fee of N15, 000 ($40) that gives you access for three months (i.e. till August/ September 2019)

    At the start of a new quarter or a new year; you renew with payments to continue to enjoy access to the Inner Circle.

  • Would I benefit from the Inner Circle if I live outside Lagos?

    Yes, absolutely! The Courses, Coaching, Community, and Content are accessible anywhere you are because they are delivered through online platforms. Conferences will hold in pre-announced locations and if you cannot be present physically, you can watch via livestreaming.

  • Can I pay monthly?

    There are only quarterly and annual payment options available.

  • I’m ready to join the Inner Circle! When can I pay?

    Thank you for your passion! Payment in Naira / Dollars can be made at the Inner Circle – www.immerseinnercircle.com from NOW till Friday, 15th November 2019. After this time, next enrollment opens January 2020.

  • What payment options are available aside cards?

    Our website is secure to receive local and international payments with your card. For now, this is the payment option open for subscribing to the Inner Circle


    Your location is not a limitation. You’d be able to hold your one-on-one mentorship sessions with DDK via Coaching Calls, Video Conferencing and chats as you agree with her. You’d also be able to participate in the Live Coaching Seminars every quarter via private livestreaming and the full video replays of the Seminars would also be available to you.

    As a Swift Woman, you’d also belong to an exclusive coaching group with other women like you, led by DDK. There, she shares tips, hacks and resources as well as answers your questions.

    Your one-on-one will be scheduled based on requests, managed by an administrator dedicated to you.

    DDK’s public Specialized Coaching Seminars will be provided to you as a major discount, with access to videos and materials.


    Yes, absolutely! You can begin with the SuperWoman Plan and upgrade to SwiftWoman or StretchWoman subsequently. Only note that an UPGRADE can only happen at the end of your current subscription plan i.e. next quarter (for quarterly subscribers) or next year (for annual subscribers).

  • On the Super Woman Plan, would I ever get a chance to be part of DDK’s Coaching Sessions?

    Yes, and that’s exciting! DDK will continue to run specialized seminars and Live Coaching Hangouts which would be open to the Public. Members of the Inner Circle would get discounted pricing offer to join these events.