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Our member spotlight for this week turns on Lisa Maxwell Aibangbee  *drum rolls*.

She currently resides in the United Kingdom.

She is an intentional Stay at home mum raising Generals for God’s Kingdom.

On the side, she blogs at She has a podcast Lisa Maxwell which is available on Anchor, Spotify, etc.

You can find her on Instagram  @writersessence ,Twitter @writersessence and on Facebook Lisa Max

She’s currently working on a book with the aim of launching it on her birthday! Her coaching squad is CREATE ( All  Squad members can give a shout out here. lol!)

Her favourite Inner Circle course is?? MANIFESTATION SERIES. And here’s why it is her favourite course:

There is just too much light I was able to reorganize my life by creating a life system that works to get closer to achieving my goals! And since then I have experienced a lot of productivity and gained so much self-discipline

She was born on the 20th of October, and she said her month is special because visionaries are born in October

We also asked her what are expectations were as an Inner Circle member. Here is what she said:

To Become a better version of myself. And acquire the master of producing results while at the same time growing my character!

Here are some fun facts about Lisa:

I love cake, pancakes basically I love pastry haha I will eat cake and puff puff all day and I will be fine.

Where are the cake lovers in the house? hahah

And that will be all for now.

A big shout out to Lisa for doing this with us. We are so proud of you!

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