About IMMERSE Coaching Coy


IMMERSE Coaching Company, which was started in 2014, by our Founder, Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a Personal Transformation Bootcamp, equipping women to launch a higher version of themselves. Through a breakthrough coaching framework, we deliver mindset re-engineering that often leads to significant rebirths in the lives of our clients.

Since we truly believe that “things are the way they are because we are the way we are”, an underlying philosophy and drive for our work is help women live their best lives by becoming their best selves. We show women how to UPGRADE into greater growth, experiences and contribution in their lives!


Our mission is to empower women to live a life of purpose, abundance and personal success.

Our Core Values

A Fundamental Belief That Personal Transformation Can Change Your Life!

We Truly Believe That At Every New Level Of Growth, Is A New Level Of Abundance And Purpose. Every Single Woman Can Choose To Take Charge Of Her Own Evolution Because In Becoming A Better Human Being, We Give Ourselves The Permission To Serve The World With Our Gifts And Enjoy The Prosperity That Is Natural To Our Being.

A Commitment To Share Wisdom

We’ve Experienced In Half A Decade, And With Almost 10, 000 Women; The Sheer Power Of Wisdom That Works! Without A Doubt, Our Resources And Courses Lead To A Definitive Outcome – Your Mind Will Shift And Your Life Will Change. We Are Happy To Share Real-Time, No-Fluff And Truly Transforming Insights That Can Help You Achieve Your Goals And Fulfil Your Vision.

An Opportunity To Change The World

Whatever Your Assignment To The World, You Improve Your Chances Of Contributing Meaningfully To The World As You Clarify Your Life’s Purpose, Commit To Excellent Execution And Continue To Grow In The Right Direction. In The Inner Circle, We Know Everyone Has Something Significant To Share With The World, And It Is Our Desire To Make Sure You Do Just That!

A Willingness To Truly Support You!

IMMERSE Inner Circle Thrives On The Powerful Principle Of Accountability And Support, Because It Is True That We Are 100% More Likely To Achieve Our Highest Potentials In The Presence Of Like-Minded Go-Getters, Going For Gold In Their Lives Too.