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IGNITION INTENSIVE is for you, if you are desperate to push the boundaries of possibilities in your life and MOVE FORWARD into MORE. A Catalystic Course, it opens up the trusted framework for transitioning from dreaming to doing; and shifting significantly into real results in your life. Vision Boards and Goal Setting are great, but the numbers already show that only about 20 – 30 % of those who set goals achieve them. You know why? It’s because until we fix our “being”, we can’t force our “doing”. 

Every Module offers limits-shattering insights that will help you clarify your Precise Purpose; uncover and unseat your self-sabotaging beliefs and mental roadblocks, create more meaning in your life and launch your MULTI-INFLUENTIAL FLOW (that powerful state that triggers the many-sided expressions from your inner core). You’d also learn how to create a well-engineered Life System to manage your demands effectively and design a workable Roadmap for your dreams!

Course Modules


Module 1

The Principles of BEING

Module 2

Precise Purpose PATHFINDER

Module 3

Experiencing a Significant Shift in your Life

Module 4

Releasing your Multi-Influential Flows

Module 5

Designing a Workable Life System

Module 6

Roadmap for Real Results in your Life

Module 6

Rapid Execution – Getting More Results and Faster!

Module 7

Rapt Expressions – Releasing the Different Sides of You to the World
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