About Growth Pathways

Our Coaching Methodology in the IMMERSE Inner Circle is built around five Growth Pathways, which is original to our Founder, Debola Deji-Kurunmi. The Pathways reflect broad phase of a woman’s evolution or journey to a life of purpose and success. We may find parts of the different phases expressed in our lives at the same time; but usually, we’d find one which speaks the most to where we are. People also go back and forth along the phases at various seasons of life.

The goal is to work with the resources in each Growth Pathway so that you’re growing in the way that is most suited to your current reality. However, you can access all the resources in other Pathways too. Our Coaching Squads are also based on the different pathways.


(Emotional Healing, Resilience and Mindset Detox)

This Growth Pathway might be ideal for you to begin your Inner Circle Coaching Journey if: 

  • You are currently seeking wisdom to navigate an emotional crisis, deep pain, loss or trauma in your life. 
  • You need help to heal and move beyond a difficult experience, heartbreak, financial setback or disappointment that has had a crippling effect on you. 
  • You want to recover from stress, mental exhaustion, emotional drain and tiredness from the demands of life, marriage, motherhood etc., so you can experience new vigor and vision!
  • You seek to release yourself from negative emotions, mental strongholds, self-limiting beliefs, cultural conditioning and destructive thinking that hold you back from your best life.
  • You want to recalibrate and break patterns in your life that lead you repeat the same mistakes, miss opportunities, stick with wrong relationships etc.
  •  You want to rise out of feeling stuck and unmotivated with a stage of life; and work with a new level of personal determination!
  • You desire full freedom from addictive but unproductive behaviors, habits and relationships.


(Clarity, Self Discovery/ Rediscovery and Identity)

This Growth Pathway might be ideal for you to begin your Inner Circle Coaching Journey if: 

  • You want to really understand your Life’s Purpose; and how to fulfil it through your unique personality, experiences, values and gifting.
  • You want clarity and help from the confusion of not knowing who you are, what you want, what to do next or how to move forward.
  • You are seeking true life satisfaction beyond the daily routine of business/ career/ ministry/ life’s demands, because you can tell that there is more to your life and you want to find it!
  • You desire new personal direction for your life because you’ve recently experienced a significant change (giving birth, changing jobs, moving to a new city, recovering from a major illness etc.) that threw you off balance.
  • You are hungry for a sense of identity, to know yourself better, as well as leverage your strengths, improve your weaknesses and manifest your individuality.
  • You want to build or rebuild a culture of deep thinking, personal reflection, honest journaling and self-appraisal, so you can make better decisions in your life.
  • You want to understand how you’re really doing in the different areas of your life, so you can give urgent attention to the “crisis zones”.


(Goal Setting, Visioning and Life Design)

This Growth Pathway might be ideal for you to begin your Inner Circle Coaching Journey if: 

  • You know what you should be doing with your life but need help creating a Plan around really doing it.
  • You seek help to set clear goals, which are within your locus of control and influence, for every area of your life. 
  • You are at a stage of life where you need an effective system for balancing your different roles without being overwhelmed – so that you’re more productive to get results.
  • You seek coaching support with following through your goals, and getting to the finish line you’ve set for yourself – so you can really experience the success you desire.
  • You want to organize your life as well as better manage your time and energy cycle, because you’re often over-scheduled and under-delivered.
  • You want to overcome persisting patterns of procrastination, and goal avoidance which make you unable to hit your targets.
  • You need guidance with creating action steps for your Next Big Thing (a wildly important goal you want to accomplish in the next 90 to 180 days.)


(Execution, Purpose and Growth)

This Growth Pathway might be ideal for you to begin your Inner Circle Coaching Journey if: 

  • You’re ready to quickly move from IDEAS to I DID IT i.e. from having so much inspiration to actually creating, executing and finishing projects/ big goals.
  • You want to pursue (or continue to pursue) the Purpose Blueprint you’ve received and the instructions God has given you about the next phase of your assignment
  • You desire to build working structures in your life that help you stay motivated as you work hard on your vision every day.
  • You need to a Personal Development Plan that truly grows your capacity to accomplish the Next Big Thing (NBT) or Next Significant Project you are working on.
  • You need coaching support to mobilize, maximize and multiply resources for your work, ventures, projects and/ or business.   
  • You desire to develop, deepen and deploy the different relationships and alliances relevant to your life, business, ministry etc.    
  • You want to learn to enjoy yourself and refuel your energy without being consumed by all that you do.


(Personal Success, Abundance and Multi-Influential Flows)

This Growth Pathway might be ideal for you to begin your Inner Circle Coaching Journey if: 

  • You want to multiply your wealth in a way that it works for you, so you can achieve even more results in your life.
  • You need help to elevate your platforms and influence so that your creative purpose can serve thousands or millions more people.
  • You need coaching support to build or further grow your tribe or community, so that your business/ ministry/ work is continually consumed and utilized by a devoted audience.
  • You want your organization to make greater impact in more communities or you want to scale your business/ project into other cities/ countries of the world
  • You want to fully release your five multi-influential flows, without the pressure of being known for one thing or the overwhelm of multiple assignments. 
  • You want to partner with industry leaders, corporations, international agencies and influencers and increase your spread.
  • You’re ready to upscale into institutionalizing your knowledge, and mentoring/ teaching others what you know that has worked for you. 
  • You seek insights for leading your diverse teams to succeed without you and raising more people to live purposeful lives.

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