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We all are living through an historic event that will be retold in diverse ways. The world we were born into is almost gone, and surely a lot is being redefined, including our work world. Some of us now work remotely from home while others await new dynamics in their industry/practice.

An unpleasant fact is jobs have been/will be lost, but a comforting truth is more jobs will be created by redesign/innovations. Innovations will vary across sectors to include technology, systems, strategies, style and structure.

Whatever the lot of your industry, whether you continue in your current job or change jobs/industry, conversations from industry leaders and senior human resource personnel, advises that you approach work with a mindful consciousness of these points:

  • Don’t focus on self: Self focus is the exact opposite of what is required to thrive in our current atmosphere. The easiest way to successfully rebuild anything quickly is to work in partnership with others. If you remain in your current job, be genuinely concerned about your old & new colleagues, and the company. We can only imagine the new reality and each day may bring a different demand. Commit to being kind, help new colleagues settle in, and strengthen old work relationships. If grace bestows the blessing of a new job, be committed to the company and yourself.


  • Stay ahead of Industry news: Read and research beyond the low hanging, readily available information from media. It is wise to know the pain points of your organization and think of how best you/ your team can provide cost effective and time efficient solutions. Put your ownership mindset to work and act with company’s confines.


  • Upskill: Skill is the new currency of workplace. As you stay ahead of industry news and gather information on changes to be implemented, you will be exposed to new skills required. Don’t aim for perfection. Begin to learn and practice the new skills. Ask for help if the learning process seems difficult. With consistent practice comes sustained progress.
  • Remain flexible and dynamic: Redesign of work place processes will require adjustments. Go with the new flow and take along with you things from the old that work well with the new.

BONUS TIP: Don’t Rush: Slow touch, be patient with yourself and everyone else around you. We are all settling into the new.

Stay Cheerful

Written by Radiante

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