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Our 2021 Folio showcases twelve (12) visionary women of African descent, who are breaking barriers, leading boldly, creating change, redefining narratives and transforming society for good.

Future-Forward Female™ Movement

The Future-Forward Female Movement is a global conscious collective for the advancement of visionary women of African descent, who transform the world, through the power of compelling vision, legacy leadership, and collaboration.

Our Manifesto is simple. To catalyze, connect and celebrate Future-Forward Female™ of African descent globally, who model true leadership in solving humanity’s toughest challenges and elevating our collective prosperity.

The Movement also seeks to advance goals of United Nations’ International Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024), which aims to celebrate the important contributions of people of African descent worldwide, advance social justice and inclusion policies, promote human rights, and assist in creating better, more prosperous communities, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals spearheaded by the United Nations.

IMMERSE Coaching Company is the partner firm to the Movement, and curator of the Future-Forward Female™ Folio 2021.

The FOLIO: Inspirational Photo-Documentary of Visionary Women!

This year, we celebrate 12 extraordinary African women (21 – 60 years old), who are breaking barriers, leading boldly, creating change, redefining narratives and transforming society for good! These women also model our strongest values of personal transformation, visionary leadership, ethical excellence, and outstanding impact through next-level female leadership.

We featured our 12 honorees in the first Future-Forward Female™ Folio, which is a breathtaking photo-documentary showcasing the work of these inspirational women as well as telling their evocative stories.

For us, what makes the Folio a keepsake is this – each of these women share no-holds-barred, relatable mentorship guidance, candid advice, and behind-the-scene life insights – to challenge us into greater personal and professional success!

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  • Olori Ivie Emiko, Atuwatse III, monarch and champion for the development for women and children, sharing an insightful take on “failure”.
  • Abi Longe’s transformational story of true healing and how she is empowering women to take ownership of their money and life.
  • Aramide Kayode, the 21-year old first-class graduate of CU and prestigious Harvard University, who has dedicated her life to making education accessible to underserved children.
  • Ugochi Obidiegwu, the face and internationally recognised brand – Safety Chic, who has made safety education relevant for youth and children in Africa.
  • Bodam Taiwo, Tolu Michaels and Adedoyin Omotara whose profoundly inspiring work prepare women to show up powerfully, authentically and courageously to change their worlds.
  • Oluseye Ashiru and Bunmi Oduah, as they prepare and support women for marriage and motherhood on a foundation based on values and purpose.
  • Joycee Awosika, founder of Oriki Group, as she expounds on the call that took her from America to Africa to curate experiences for the African visionary woman.
  • Yagazie Eguare, award-winning photographer, speaking on how she captures the essence of the women leaders shaping the continent in iconic portraits.
  • Abiola Adediran, as she empowers businesses with structure, strategy and success as well as shares her remarkable vision by 2030.

What We Love about the Folio!

The Honourees

Oh wow! Each of our 12 honourees are amazing change-makers, who are truly creating outstanding results in our world! No fluff, all substance. Expect to be inspired, truly mind-blown and extremely energised by these women. We love the rich mix from Aramide, the 21-year old visionary to Abi, an almost 60-year old amazon!

Heartfelt Stories

It's often said that the secrets of people are in their stories, and we found this to be completely true with the Folio. You'd fall into powerful plots and stirring scripts as you read these heartfelt stories of pain, healing, obstacles, triumph, wisdom and big wins! We were so touched and can't wait to share these stories with you!

EPIC Coaching

You'd be holding in your hands thousands-of-dollars-worth of coaching, in a way that you can relate, apply and manifest! Women who have walked the path of true transformation and experienced the power of vision; share practical wisdom with you. You'd find your own ideas, insights and inspiration!


Most of our Honourees are proofs of the IMMERSE Wonder! When women work with us, they shift into significance and press into possibilities. In the Folio, we show you how to connect with transformational experiences that can help you achieve your goals, grow your mind and elevate your life.

The Future is FEMALE. Find your MISSION. Lead Boldly. Make a Difference!

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