Full Workshop on Destiny Navigational System, Tools and Templates for the 7 Seasons of Pressing

Future-Forward Female Intensive (Full Workshop)


We are in the Decade of the Visionary Woman! 💝💝💝

This decade opened up with the Covid19 pandemic, and everything radically changed about how we live, learn, interact and do business. Today, it has become clear that "the world we were born into, no longer exists!"

A New World Order has emerged, and something extraordinary is happening👇👇👇👇👇

God is propelling the Future-Forward Female™, as never-seen-before opportunities open up globally for visionary women, especially of African descent to step into next-level leadership, manifest their calling and release extraordinary innovation.

Discern your Birth Pangs. Unlock your Destiny.

YOU, my darling sister, are a part of this God-Movement, and your remarkable gifting is going to be in great global demand this Decade! But sometimes, you don't feel like that.

Right now, you may be searching for answers, seeking clarity and meaning, or facing contentions on the path of purpose. You may need a strong team to help move forward, or you're feeling overwhelmed by many grand ideas, and it may seem tough to scale your success. You may be going through the birth pangs of releasing your gift through seasons of detours, transitions, launching out, seeming dead-ends, facing contentions, scaling up, taking territories or building in silence.

Understanding your life's seasons is key to unlocking your destiny, and accessing divinely open doors. Many times, when your season changes, there's often a new success strategy for you. And through wisdom, you can walk in alignment with your destiny design.

Now, this is a truly important question:

How do you accurately interpret the seasons of your life, so you can walk in perfect alignment to your original design and success strategy?

For me, I've spent the last 19 years building my life's assignment - leading a powerful campus movement of young influential women, speaking across 3 continents, raising an army of Kingdom leaders impacting people and communities, advising African governments and changemakers, building a 65, 000+ member-strong global coaching community of purposeful men and women living in 100+ countries, authoring 21 books; while being a Christian, babe, wife, mother, sister and friend.

Being able to stay peaceful, productive and overwhelm-free, while growing my impact, authority, leadership and abundance, has come by recognising the signs, signals and signposts of specific destiny seasons in my life; and making the most of each defining phase of my journey.

I want the same for you. Let me show you where you are right now in the 7 Seasons of the Pressing, as well as the Specific Success Strategy you need to triumph.

Join my Future-Forward Female™ Intensive (Full Workshop)

At this Workshop, I will show you the profound Destiny Navigational System I've discovered and deployed, including Prophetic + Pragmatic Tools and Templates for each of the 7 Seasons of the Pressing, so you can triumph through your life's seasons as a Future-Forward Female™.

This is for authentic women who want to operate from rest, and stay true to their original design, while growing impact, authority and wealth.

Full-Day Coaching Workshop holds a hybrid event with DDK (in-person + live-streaming + replay) from 9am WAT on Friday 28th October 2022, in Lagos, Nigeria.

In-Person Access (Lagos)

  • In-Person VIP Access to Coaching Workshop
  • Tea Break and Lunch
  • Workbook + Resources
  • FFF Intensive 2.0 Replay Access
  • FFF Intensive 3.0 (Full Workshop) Replay Access

N75, 000


Live-Streaming Access

  • In-Person VIP Access to Coaching Workshop
  • Realtime Live-Streaming to Coaching Workshop
  • Digital Workbook + Resources
  • FFF Intensive 2.0 Replay
  • FFF Intensive 3.0 (Full Workshop) Replay Access


Workshop Replay Access

  • In-Person VIP Access to Coaching Workshop
  • Tea Break and Lunch
  • Digital Workbook + Resources
  • FFF Intensive 2.0 Replay Access
  • FFF Intensive 3.0 (Full Workshop) Replay Access


Meet DDK

Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a polymath and multi-influential leading voice especially for the Future-Forward Female. She is internationally recognised for her phenomenal work as a Transformational Coach, Catalyst, Consultant, Capacity Builder and Christ-Centred Ministry Gift.

She sits over a group of companies as well as non-denominational ministries, including is IMMERSE Coaching Company (a global personal transformation coaching practice), Ideation Hub Africa (a public policy and impact advisory firm), Kingdom Women Global Alliance and FIREBRAND Movement (both faith-based organisations).

DDK is a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach by the Oleg Konovalov Global Certification, a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, a member of the International Association of Coaching and was named as Nigeria's Leading Coach at the 2021 Motherland Awards.

In 2018, she was selected by the US Government as one of Africa’s most promising young leaders and a Mandela Washington Fellow. In 2019, she was listed as one of 100 Most Inspiring Nigerian Women and named one of 50 Most Inspiring Women in 2022 by BusinessDay.

DDK works with first-class female leaders, C-Suite Executives, ministry leaders, high-growth visionaries and purpose-driven individuals, serious about building institutions, amplifying influence and scaling impact - without compromising their integrity and faith.

She is masterful at high-tier coaching for crafting go-to-market strategy, rapid execution techniques, visionary launch and mastery, personal reinvention, ministry growth and wealth expansion.

This babe is super in love with Deji and they are both joyfully devoted to God, each other and their children.

Unlock your Vast Potential.

Achieve your Vision.

Change the World.


What our Women Say!

You can't come in contact with DDK and remain the same person. It's impossible! Her words will move you from where you are to where you need to be.

First, DDK is LIGHT! Second, DDK is CATALYSIS on steroids! Third, DDK is a true VISIONARY with accurate prophetic insight! She's never caught up with the now and wants you to be aware of the future.

- Ayanfe Egede

DDK is a FORCE of LIGHT that hits you and then leaves you permanently transformed. Her coaching is laced with uncommon wisdom and rare insights that moves you out of comfort zone and mediocre mindsets.

I cannot "unsee" what I have seen and I cannot "unhear" what I have heard from her. I've achieved more in one year with her coaching than in my many years of walking this earth!
- Tosin Sanni

DDK is patient, attentive, thorough and has a very systematic approach to problem solving. I love how she uncovers and helps you unravel what seems like a mess into something beautiful.

As my coach, she has shown me how to thrive through systems, connect with people and become aware of my limitless potentiality!

- Yagazie Eguare

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