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Future-Forward Female Intensive


We are in the Decade of the Visionary Woman!

This decade opened up with the Covid19 pandemic, and everything radically changed about how we live, interact and do business. Right now, it has become clear that "the world we were born into, no longer exists!"

Yet, in the midst of crises, something extraordinary has happened! Never-seen-before opportunities are opening up globally for visionary women, especially of African descent to step into next-level leadership, manifest their calling and release extraordinary innovation. We are witnessing many first-female-leaders being appointed to roles that were previously for men only.

This is NOT a women's movement. This is God's Movement.

He is shifting His daughters to the frontline of generational change, political reformations, transformational leadership and unusual prosperity. There is no better time than now to be a Woman! We are a rare generation of women who will shatter the limits, lead boldly and solve pressing problems in our world today.

We are the Future-Forward Female!

But my question to you is simple.

Do you know what you REALLY need to convert your powerful potential to genius-grade greatness, that elevates your leadership, impact and wealth?

Rising into significance does not happen by accident and this is the time to prepare for what God has prepared for you! I want to show you the step-by-step Comprehensive Growth Plan that will empower you to rise and reign this Decade as a woman of worth, wisdom and wealth.

For me, it's been 10 years of speaking across 3 continents as well as personally coaching outstanding female leaders, 11 years of raising Kingdom Influencers and 7 years of building a 60, 000+ tech-driven global coaching community of purposeful men and women living in 100+ countries.

This is my proprietary 5-Protocol Greatness Manifesto which I use personally, have implemented for my coaching clients and every female visionary can also use, to release your remarkable gifting and impact generations, without losing your spirituality, family and personal peace. Ready for this?

It's the Future-Forward Female Blueprint™

My brand-new Intensive, holding on Sunday, 24 October 2021, will help you start the journey to creating a personalised system for mastering genius, expanding leadership influence and multiplying wealth within the next 1 - 3 years.

Meet DDK

Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a transformational catalyst, equipping a new breed of visionaries, social saviours and change-makers through her work of coaching, consulting and capacity building.

She is Founder of IMMERSE Coaching Company (a global personal transformation coaching practice), Executive Director at Ideation Hub Africa (a public policy and impact advisory firm) and President at Kingdom Women Global Alliance and FIREBRAND Movement (both faith-based organisations).

Founded in 2014, IMMERSE Coaching Company has grown into a 60,000+ strong tech-driven global community of changemakers living in 99 countries, using DDK's breakthrough coaching methodology to elevate impact, authority and leadership.

DDK has been severally recognized for her outstanding leadership impact and has received Awards including 2014 New Leader for Tomorrow in the order of business,  government, and  parliaments at  the Crans Montana Forum in Geneva; an award conferred before several Presidents and world leaders.

She served twice as a Mentor Jury of the Queen’s Young Leader Awards (a UK Government fellowship that honors exceptional young leaders in the Common Wealth). In 2018, she was selected by the US Government as one of Africa’s most promising young leaders and a Mandela Washington Fellow. In 2019, she was listed as one of 100 Most Inspiring Nigerian Women and is Nigeria’s Leading Coach at the 2021 Motherland Awards.

DDK as she is fondly called, is an author of 20 books till date, and has spoken in three continents to emerging leaders, teams of multinational corporations, global development practitioners, SME owners, and young people yearning for a purpose-driven life.

This babe is super in love with Deji and they are both joyfully devoted to God, each other and their children.

What our Women Say!

You can't come in contact with DDK and remain the same person. It's impossible! Her words will move you from where you are to where you need to be.

First, DDK is LIGHT! Second, DDK is CATALYSIS on steroids! Third, DDK is a true VISIONARY with accurate prophetic insight! She's never caught up with the now and wants you to be aware of the future.

- Ayanfe Egede

DDK is a FORCE of LIGHT that hits you and then leaves you permanently transformed. Her coaching is laced with uncommon wisdom and rare insights that moves you out of comfort zone and mediocre mindsets.

I cannot "unsee" what I have seen and I cannot "unhear" what I have heard from her. I've achieved more in one year with her coaching than in my many years of walking this earth!
- Tosin Sanni

DDK is patient, attentive, thorough and has a very systematic approach to problem solving. I love how she uncovers and helps you unravel what seems like a mess into something beautiful.

As my coach, she has shown me how to thrive through systems, connect with people and become aware of my limitless potentiality!

- Yagazie Eguare

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