What’s the difference between the Flagship Programs and IMMERSE Inner Circle?

Our Flagship Programs are stand-alone courses that are open to both men and women, providing coaching insights on specific life areas or transformational focus. You don’t have to be a member of the Inner Circle to access these Programs.

The IMMERSE Inner Circle is our subscription-based women-only coaching membership where you have access to our courses and experience a tight-knit community with other go-getter women. Most of the Flagship Programs are available in the Inner Circle, but a few have to be purchased separately, which are specified HERE

How do I know that IMMERSE Inner Circle is for me?

If you are a woman keen on building a life of fulfiment and success around your natural excellence and purpose; without compromising the things that matter most to you, then the Inner Circle is definitely going to help you achieve your life goals.

I’m ready to sign-up! Can I enroll right away?

Our enrollment cycles run four times every year. A current enrollment is on from March 2021 and you can join the Inner Circle HERE

How long do I have access to the Coaching, Courses and Community at IMMERSE Inner Circle?

For the duration of your subscription (depending on whether you paid for a month, quarter or a year).

How can I access the content?

Content is available to you on our Learning Platform, accessible both on your mobile devices and computer. When you pay for a Flagship Program or IMMERSE Inner Circle, you’d receive your unique log-in details into the Learning Platform.

What’s the duration and nature of the courses?

Our courses are self-paced video and/or text-based courses delivered in varying durations. Some are short while others are lengthier for a full transformational cycle to be triggered. Most of our courses can be completed in a few hours.

What if I live outside Nigeria?

We are a global community of visionary men and women, from all parts of the world. If you are outside Nigeria, you may be unable to attend live events but will be fully part of everything else, plus we have so many webinars, coaching calls and exciting online events.

Talk to me more about the Support Coaches

If you seek further clarity or hand-holding on an area you’re working; you can arrange a one-on-one mentoring session or chat with a Support Coach. And for a token fee, you can be connected to any of Specialty Partner Coaches who provide specific advise ranging finance, health, weightloss, parenting, marriage and relationship etc.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed either on a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.

Do you offer refunds?

Absolutely! Send an email within the first 5 days of joining IMMERSE Inner Circle if you seek to opt out, and we’d send you a full refund.

Can I defer my subscription to the IMMERSE Inner Circle?

After you’ve paid for your subscription, your account begins to run. We seriously discourage deferments, but might consider it on a very special basis (e.g. health or academic reasons) and this is only allowed within the first 3 weeks of a new cycle, afterwards, it will not be permitted.

Can I join the SuperWoman Plan and then UPGRADE to the SwiftWoman Plan subsequently?

Yes absolutely! However, kindly note that you can not upgrade once a cycle is already running, you can only upgrade in subsequent cycles.

On the Super Woman Plan, would I ever get a chance to be part of DDK’s Coaching Sessions?

Yes, and that’s exciting! DDK will coach you directly through monthly Coaching Calls, answer your questions and send you weekly ATRIUM Letters (which we’ve all come to love!).

Can I defer my subscription after I join the Inner Circle?

We encourage you join the membership with a readiness to go through your subscription. Paying for a cycle and seeking to defer your access till a separate time is heavily discouraged. Thank you.