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DOABILITY Coaching Program is a 7-Module Course that will help you trigger multiple UPGRADES in your life, and it is really for women serious about transitioning from good goals to real results, because Vision Boards are tiring, if it’s all pictures and no power!! If you’re seeking clarity about how to launch your vision, manage different expressions of your purpose and produce greater results in your life – then this Program is definitely for you!

The framework deployed in DOABILITY actively leads you into a significant shift that is visible in your mindset, mission, money and major moves within just 90 days! In her typical catalyst style, DDK shows you things that will literally unsettle you and push you into creative discomfort. 

Built around our original three-part pillars of Personal Transformation, you will learn what it takes to step into real transformation in your life, manifest your giftings as well as create wealth for yourself. This is a great program for visionaries who already have an idea of a BIG GOAL they want to accomplish, but don’t know how to consciously transit into that NEXT BIG THING in the shortest possible time. 

This Course forces you to confront the current conditioning that continues to predict your results, no matter how hard you try. You’d be challenged into new realms of thinking, because so many people haven’t interacted with this level of INSIGHT before! 

Ready for your HIGHER SELF? Then THIS IS IT! Through DOABILITY, DDK facilitates conscious conversations that help you uncover and articulate hidden breakthrough thoughts already present in your heart. You will be able to create and experience EPIC results in your life and work, true to design and aligned to your purpose.

Course Modules


Introductory Session

You Deserve MORE

Module 1

How to Catalyze an Upgrade in Your Life

Module 2

Grit and the Process Mindset

Module 3

How to Transform Your Life

Module 4

The 3 Pillars of Personal Transformation

Module 5

Radical Evolution- What It Takes to Become a Better You

Module 6

Rapid Execution – Getting More Results and Faster!

Module 7

Rapt Expressions – Releasing the Different Sides of You to the World
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