Vision, Goal Setting and Execution

Principles of Rapid Execution

This session breaks down ten powerful secrets for making great progress with anything you set forth as your “Next Big Thing”. We also show you how to churn out exceptional work in half the time it would “normally” take you. Success takes practice, and now is a good time to start.

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Distraction-Proof your Vision

In this Coaching Call, DDK basically has a full heart-to-heart, family gist time with members of the IMMERSE Inner Circle on how to keep your vision from distractions and stay on track despite discouragement, demotivation, financial pressures or societal expectations. 

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Manufacture your Motivation

In this short course, DDK shows you how to build a vision that keeps you centered, authentic and driven by the right intentions. Because when the going gets tough, your BIG WHY will keep you afloat. She also offers powerful tips for keeping your motivation game high. Learn how to sustain your positive vibe, energy and zest in spite of the challenges on the way!

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90-Day Life Upgrade System

In the 90-Day Life Upgrade System, DDK demystifies how to really crush big goals and execute beyond lethargy, against the odds and in record-breaking time! She has used this model again and again, it works. Uncover how to work within 90-day cycles, create a cadence of accountability in shorter timelines, maximize strong zest all through and achieve a core transformational goal. Also learn the five types of goals to best use this System with.

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Art of Rapid Execution

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DOABILITY Coaching Program

DOABILITY Coaching Program is a 7-Module Course that will help you trigger multiple UPGRADES in your life, and it is really for women serious about transitioning from good goals to real results, because Vision Boards are tiring, if it’s all pictures and no power!! If you’re seeking clarity about how to launch your vision, manage different expressions of your purpose and produce greater results in your life – then this Program is definitely for you!

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Manifestation Series

This four-part Course will show you how not to merely catch a vision, but to let your vision catch you. In that place of being consumed with a distinct purpose, you’d be able to take the next significant step from goal mapping, to conceptualization, and execution. Be a gamechanger in the world!

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How to Structure your Business with Biola Adediran

Biola Adediran is a Business Structure Coach particularly for SMEs and brought the school to you this time! In this session, our Guest Mentor breaks down with simplicity, the concepts and key processes needed to re-organise your business so that it can earn more and do more as an entrepreneurial leader.

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Membership Courses

These are Short Courses, Coaching Calls, Programs and Webinars provided exclusively to members of IMMERSE Inner Circle only. Our subscription-based membership inspires thousands of women to design their life of peace, purpose and prosperity. Experience transformational coaching, courses, content as well as an exponential community of go-getter women. You also get to work with Support Coaches and Mentors.

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