IMMERSE Coaching Squads Application Form

Dearest Member,

Thank you for choosing to be a part of our coaching community.

We will like to notify you that our Coaching Squads are now application-based and selection is by merit, this is to ensure that we select members who are willing and able to fully commit time, effort and availability to the Coaching Process.

We select and train our Support Coaches, who devote time and energy in our Coaching Squads; it is important that you apply to join a Coaching Squad only if you are:

1. Available to devote 3 to 5 hours weekly to Coaching Squads Activities
2. Willing to study one Course per week and one Book per month
3. Committed to actively participate in Learning Reviews of agreed Courses and Books
4. Desire to work on Goals and submit to the Accountability Process
5. Ready to team up with a group of other super-achievers and play your part in Assigned Team Tasks

Please also note the following:
1. We will refer your past participation in previous cycles to make a decision
2. We will observe your engagement on a monthly basis after your join the Squad (if your application is successful)
3. If your commitment drops, you may be required to withdraw from your Coaching Squad (but continue to fully access the Learning Platform)

If you’re able to commit, kindly fill this application form below.

Thank you.