Birth and Build your Significant Life Assignment.

Expand your leadership, authority, abundance and impact!

Work with transformational catalyst, Debola Deji-Kurunmi, in a breakthrough coaching relationship that helps you execute your vision with clarity and confidence.


My Fellow Water-Walker,

This has been my life's mission. To rally, raise and release a stunning generation of visionaries, leaders and forerunners; who shape our collective future for good, through the power of a compelling vision!

For me, I am never satisfied with people merely having great ideas or inspiration - but I work to unlock in you, the genius to birth and build!

My work has paid off significantly. In the course of the last seven years, I have used my original breakthrough coaching architecture to empower high-growth visionaries execute and expand their mission, and it has been my joy to see them change the world in phenomenal ways.

I want to do the same for you. If you're currently seeking cut-through clarity about your next-level success, powerful confidence to propel you into bigger belief or a Concrete Execution Roadmap to achieve your vision without overwhelm; then it would be my pleasure to walk and work with you.

DDK's Coaching is for YOU if:


You sense that it is TIME to move beyond your previous success, shift into a higher dimension of your purpose, so that you can expand your GREATNESS and impact generations this Decade!


You have what it takes to go with DDK on a rigorous, no-excuses growth process that shapes your character, competence and capacity into a first-class leader.


You seek a step-by-step mentorship system that helps you harness your genius, expand your vision and grow your cutting-edge in business, career, ministry and life.


You are experiencing inner restlessness and dissatisfaction with your current level, and want guidance for birthing and transitioning into a new season in destiny.


You seek the thinking and tools to stand out in your industry, be positioned for emerging opportunities and innovate solutions for our new world order.


You are a visionary who works hard, but you’ve not been able to launch or leverage your personal and professional brand into a greater level of credibility, visibility and profitability.


You’re a transformational leader and you desire to grow your people, platforms, and partnerships; so that your God-given mandate can achieve greater impact for good.


You're a many-sided visionary but you do not have a proven Roadmap for releasing your multi-influential life and wealth streams, without over-extending yourself, but fully maximising your endowments of grace.


You seek a wise + spiritual Coach with real proofs in her life, to guide you in a way that refines your gold, inspires your performance and strengthens your calling.


You are ready to unlock extraordinary living, leadership and legacy this Decade, without compromising your personal values, spirituality or family.

Why My Coaching Rocks!

As your Personal Coach, I help you uplevel into radical, top-tier transformation in your life and vision, using my Breakthrough Coaching Methodology, whether in short activations or longer one-on-ones, so you can achieve these five big outcomes!

  • CLARITY because I help you cut through clutter and confusion to activate laser-grade clarity that improves your personal and professional performance!
  • CONNECTION because my coaching is heartfelt, confidential and built on trust. I am vested and invested in you, even long after our contract.
  • CONCRETE RESULTS because as a Masterful Execution Coach, my strategies and accountability system move you to real results within a time shorter than you'd achieve on your own!
  • CONFIDENCE because as a Prophet and Coach, I will hand you well-rounded, wonder-working wisdom to help you advance with confidence!
  • CATALYSIS because no matter how successful you are already; I have an uncommon ability to show you unexplored possibilities, till you unlock NEW FRONTIERS of GREATNESS within you!

Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a polymath and multi-influential leading voice especially for the Future-Forward Female. She is internationally recognised for her phenomenal work as a Transformational Coach, Catalyst, Consultant, Capacity Builder and Christ-Centred Ministry Gift.

She sits over a group of companies as well as non-denominational ministries, including IMMERSE Coaching Company, Visionary Compass Accelerator Program, Ideation Hub Africa, FIREBRAND Movement and Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance.

DDK is a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach by the Oleg Konovalov Global Certification, a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, a member of the International Association of Coaching and was named as Nigeria's Leading Coach at the 2021 Motherland Awards.

She works with first-class female leaders, C-Suite Executives, leading women in ministry, high-growth visionaries and thought-leaders, serious about building institutions, amplifying influence and scaling impact - without compromising their integrity and faith.

She is masterful at high-tier coaching for crafting go-to-market strategy, rapid execution techniques, visionary launch and mastery, personal reinvention, ministry growth and wealth expansion.

Working with DDK is an investment and she only has a few slots open at a time. If you’re interested, please select from one of her Coaching Offers below.

One-on-One + Group Coaching Tiers

6-Month One on One

Gain Premium Access to DDK's Signature One on One Coaching and Mentorship System to help you clarify, articulate and execute your vision with overwhelm-free precision and elegance  –so that you can elevate your income, impact and influence.

  • 6 x 90 min monthly virtual coaching appointments
  • 4 extra 60 min monthly virtual coaching appointments, only based on need or follow up*
  • Exclusive Access to Visionary Execution Blueprint
  • Exclusive Access to Multi-Influential Life Roadmap Assessment
  • FREE Cliftons' Strengths Assessment
  • 6-month Self-Paced Access to Unbundling the Decade Program
  • Dedicated Support Coach for accountability, check-ins and progress tracking

$10, 000 in Full

$2, 000/month for 6 months


3-Month One on One

Gain Premium Access to DDK's Signature One on One Coaching and Mentorship System to help you clarify, articulate and execute your vision with overwhelm-free precision and elegance  –so that you can elevate your income, impact and influence.

  • 3 x 90 min monthly virtual coaching appointments
  • 3 extra 60 min monthly virtual coaching appointments, only based on need or follow up*
  • Exclusive Access to Visionary Execution Blueprint
  • Exclusive Access to Multi-Influential Life Roadmap Assessment
  • FREE Cliftons' Strengths Assessment
  • 3-month Self-Paced Access to Unbundling the Decade Program
  • Dedicated Support Coach for accountability, check-ins and progress tracking

$6, 500 in Full

$2, 500 /month for 3 months

Activation Session with DDK

Step into turbo-charged coaching conversations with DDK that help you clear mental clutter, offer you fail-proof execution strategies and strengthen your ability to scale your vision, life or organisation! Ideal for clients seeking to touch base with a Masterful Coach, but without the need for close follow-up.

  • 2 x 90 - 120 min virtual coaching sessions with DDK
  • FREE Cliftons' Strengths Assessment
  • Exclusive Access to Visionary Process Blueprint
  • Exclusive Access to Multi-Influential Life Roadmap Assessment
  • 3-month Self Paced Access to 7-Part Visioning 2023 Retreat Course

$1, 500 in Full

$900 in 2 Payments

Group Coaching Clinic with DDK

High-tier Group Coaching Clinic that places you in same room with super achievers. Leverage DDK's radical brainstorming, strategy and consulting expertise, to access blueprints + solutions for your big ideas as well as career, business or personal goals.

  • Open Slots - June 24, August 26, October 28 2022
  • Breakfast and Lunch served in-person
  • FREE Cliftons' Strengths Assessment
  • Exclusive Access to Multi-Influential Life Roadmap Assessment
  • 3-month Self Paced Access to 7-Part Visioning 2023 Retreat Course
  • Max Group Size: 3 - 10 visionaries
  • Follow Up from a trained Coach

$2, 250 (In-Person Session)

$1, 750 (Virtual Session)

No Refund Policy. We have a no-refund policy with our coaching programs. Please be sure that you are ready for the rigour, diligence and time commitment that this will require from you. Once you make payment commitments, we will not make part or full refunds in the event of your unwillingness to continue with the Coaching Engagement. Thank you for honoring our policy.

Success Stories that INSPIRE US!🤩

YAGAZIE EGUARE's visionary journey is nothing short of inspirational! Her one on one coaching with DDK unlocked defining clarity for her multi-influential identity as a well-rounded visionary, photographer, thought-leader, and respected mentor for African creatives.

She has since transitioned into a top-tier photography brand, scaled her pricing and offerings as well as expanded her legacy work - Gazmadu Education.

Today, Yagazie leverages photography and creative expressions to inspire the next generation as well as spotlight distinguished amazons across industries.

TOLU MICHAELS is EPIC on many levels, and joined DDK's one on one with a big hunger to be and do MORE! Working together, TM captured and articulated stronger dimensions of her calling and life's assignment.

Now, she has birthed "ShowUp" not merely as a book, but a movement going viral, including her ShowUp Coaching Circle and ShowUp Conversations on IG. Tolu is also audaciously pursuing her passion for girl-child education and advocacy.

My most compelling experience with TM is how operating in the duality of my prophetic and coaching gift opened up hidden depths within her beautiful soul!

YETUNDE ADEWUNMI joined DDK's One on One with the big dream of starting StayinBio - and she did just that! In addition to launching out, she's held 5 independent webinars, and accessed internships for 2 students, plus jobs afterwards!

In the last year, Yetunde trained 22 students, secured $2, 100 in scholarships for applicants, and curated an eligibility checklist for US Grad Schools Applications.

Now, Yetunde is expanding this vision into a partnership, as well as collaborating with international institutions as well as stakeholders to reach Nigerian Universities with StayinBio.

ABIOLA ADEDIRAN accomplished her quest for walking closely with DDK in a one-on-one coaching relationship.

She effectively expanded her influence as a leading business coach, serving her audience through multi-tiered coaching and consulting offerings for business owners, MSMEs and corporates.

Abiola excellently put in the work, as she leveraged DDK's business strategy expertise, heartfelt connection and visionary execution roadmaps. Recently, she became admitted into the Forbes' Business Council, a prestigious, invitation-only organization for successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

ADEDOYIN OMOTARA, one of Canada's leading beauty entrepreneurs, came into DDK's one-on-one to deepen clarity about her multi-influential graces as beauty entrepreneur, coach, author and ministry gift.

After months together, these authentic expressions emerged elegantly as her income, impact and influence elevated significantly.

She also used DDK's SpeedWriting Strategy to release her bestselling "Unmask your Beauty Book", now a Coaching Tool for women seeking purpose-discovery.

BODAM TAIWO's story and evolution have been extraordinary!

When she joined DDK's one-on-one in 2019, she was a high-flying career professional with an inner itch for more, but needing clarity on her calling and vision.

With DDK's clutter-shifting, identity-framing, action-planning and strategy-setting; Bodam emerged at the other side as a force of nature! Now, she's launched the Refined Lady Movement, with her book + speaking in high demand, and continues to lead a Christian Women's Outreach while growing her career.

Unlock your Vast Potential.

Achieve your Vision.

Change the World.


More Stories to make your day! 🤩

In GINIKA OKORO's words, "DDK excavated purpose in action out of me."

As her coach, my core goal was to unearth Ginika's SuperPowers to her, and I did just that! Every single session was a rare mix of sisterhood, friendship, vision casting, accountability and elevated beliefs.

I held her hands till she launched and began to run with her vision for young adults through the Dear Young Adult Community. She wrote a supremely inspiring eBook in weeks, launched a podcast and continues to bring many more execution moments into reality.

BUNMI ODUAH has walked and worked closely with DDK in adventures of growth, vision and love!

Through our one on one engagement, she's done big things, from clarifying her unique coaching vision and audience, to birthing and successfully running Waiting Gracefully Program - a curriculum-based program for high achieving single women who want to get married.

Now, she's in the final phases of going live with her much-anticipated Waiting Gracefully book.

Every Activation Session with BRALADE KOROYE-EMENANJO always leaves us awestruck by the genius that lives in this woman!

From big dreams needing go-to-market strategies when she first met DDK, Bralade has since released her bestseller "A Line in the Sand" and moved on to launch #TheBoundariesMovement as a standalone institution.

She also received her first paid speaking event internationally, simply through the power of strengthening her brand.

Client Testimonials that warm our hearts!

You can't come in contact with DDK and remain the same person. It's impossible! Her words will move you from where you are to where you need to be. First, DDK is LIGHT! Second, DDK is CATALYSIS on steroids! Her coaching gets you moving - this is where the transformation piece comes in. She helps you see that more is possible and literally gives you the tools you need. Third, DDK is a true VISIONARY with accurate prophetic insight! She's never caught up with the now and wants you to be aware of the future.

- Ayanfe Egede, Marketing and Communications Professional

Being coached by DDK is a total life make over experience. The miracle happens when take her Courses and follow through diligently, because you actually transform into a new person.

She’s an expert in going for root causes of mindsets, not just symptoms, and the wisdom she delivers is truly transformational.

Joining within her coaching program will produce many things for you including EPIC Shifts, upgraded mindset, possibility thinking, amazing insights, a warm community, super duper awesome coaches, an abundance mindset!

- Chiaka Chuku, Non-Profit Professional, Marriage Coach

DDK is phenomenal! She is everything she teaches! She is a force of impact on me. DDK is the real deal! Gosh! I am so blessed and grateful! I don’t know how I would have gone through 2020 so successfully, without my coaching experience with DDK.

Working with her has shifted me into the belief that my dreams are valid and achievable! I have grown in confidence as I have come to understand my visionary journey. I have gained strengths in the area of execution and learnt to leverage my strengths rather than focus on my ‘weaknesses’.

- Christina Soname, Corporate Trainer and Author, Dear Young Professional

DDK is a FORCE of LIGHT that hits you and then leaves you permanently transformed. Her coaching is laced with uncommon wisdom and rare insights that moves you out of comfort zone.

I've achieved more in one year with her coaching than in my many years of walking this earth! Working with you, I stepped out fearlessly to launch a transformational online course, boldly authored a counter-cultural book, launched my relationship coaching company, hosted masterclasses that have impacted hundreds - and there's still so much more in the works!

- Tosin Sanni, Relationship Coach and HR Professional

DDK is a LIVING PROOF! She doesn't just teach grit, I can say for a fact that you'd meet very few humans who could match her own grit. Her courses have become one of my best places for inspiration, discipline, and encouragement. I've stayed plugged in because I like to be able to visit places that push me to do more and IMMERSE does that for me.

My best transformational story is how I SEE farther now and that's a great plus to the vision strength I have. Your Coaching helped me SEE more and that has transformed how I distill possibilities to reality.

- Dr. Adesewa Adebowale, Medical Doctor

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