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Emotional Healing, Soul Cleansing and Mental Resilience

Mindset Makeover

Discover the Mindsets that cripple you into inaction and self-doubt, then experience a MAKEOVER as you shift into new mindsets that facilitate growth and personal success in your life.

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The Art of Self-Forgiveness

Learn new insights that challenge you to break out of self-resentment and negative emotions. Your past doesn’t have to be your permanent narrative. This course shows you how to forgive yourself and start afresh.

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The Subconscious Reconditioning Process

Experience the amazing transformation of thinking new thoughts and elevating your belief system over and above the crippling effect of pressure, pain or the past. Build your mental faculty to create new truths and realities in your life.

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Demolish Negative Subconscious Conditioning

Free yourself from the baggage of self-sabotage because of mindsets, perspectives and subconscious conditioning that hinder your true success. Learn the step-by-step method for training your mind to see possibilities and belief in your inner power.

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TRIUMPH Yourself – How to Heal from Childhood Trauma with Alexia Horsfall

Walk with Alexia Horsfall in this stirring MasterClass as she shows you the journey from being a repressed, and emotionally neglected child into a courageous woman who sits over a thriving Beauty and Make Up Line. The process leads to peace with self and with others.

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Emotional Mastery Course

Gain mastery over your emotions by understanding your unique wiring, personality type and triggers. Through this course, you’d stop being a victim to your emotions, but will start to leverage your passions for productive outcomes in your life and work.

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How to be Unstuck

Everyone gets stuck at some point – unable to move forward into new possibilities. We teach you how to reinvent yourself and get out of cycles that produce no results for you. Learn how to be unstuck, even when you think you’ve tried everything and failed.

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These are Short Courses, Coaching Calls, Programs and Webinars provided exclusively to members of IMMERSE Inner Circle only. Our subscription-based membership inspires thousands of women to design their life of peace, purpose and prosperity. Experience transformational coaching, courses, content as well as an exponential community of go-getter women. You also get to work with Support Coaches and Mentors.

When you join IMMERSE Inner Circle, you gain full access to almost 70 courses, across five growth pathways. More Courses added every single month.

All Membership Courses from Cleanse to Catalyze below are AVAILABLE to members.

Most Flagship Courses are also a part of the Membership.

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