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Life Clarity, Identity and Self Rediscovery

IMMERSE 30 Day Transformation Challenge

Peel the layers off till you step into the center of who you are. This Transformation Challenge leads you on a journey of personal inquiry, painful honesty and refreshing self-discovery as you uncover who you are in a new, powerful way. During the Challenge, you’d spend 30 Days asking yourself 20 Life-Defining questions. Your answers will amaze you!

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IMMERSE Life Clarity Course

Take a rounded view of your life, across the 12 key dimensions of your human expression. Drawing from your core purpose, deepen insights about your life to see where you’re strongest as well as areas requiring urgent attention. Step into balance, order and grace as you draw wisdom from your own story.

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Wisdom Wand

Still one of the most loved courses in the IMMERSE Inner Circle! Wisdom Wand shows you the astonishing power of wisdom, and challenges you to move closer into truth beyond the noise of media and the fast-paced pressure of city life. Discover the hidden gems that strengthen you to thrive and make you effective with your vision.

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Catalysis: Step into Who You Truly Are by Olori Boye-Ajayi

Olori calls you out on this one, forcing us to confront ourselves and our belief systems. You’d find great clarity in why your journey to success is sometimes laced with many failures. In this Conference Speech, you’d draw key lessons for what true personal evolution looks like as well as understand what is happening in your life.

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Visioning your 2020

DDK helps you prepare for the big year by showing you how to see clearly, and draw from a deep-seated inner compass to envision your year, in a way that is true to your highest values and sense of meaning. Not just for 2020, this is a classic you can use even today.

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Ten Big Lessons from 2019

DDK shares her ten big lessons from 2019, laced with humor and her signature flow of wisdom that shows the power in even the smallest things in life. A totally refreshing course to sit with, so ensure you get your journal ready.

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The Self-Evaluation Blueprint

Original to Coach DDK, we’ve created what we call the  G3CR2EAM2 Self-Evaluation Framework for appraising your life through a well-rounded and encompassing lens, that ensures you don’t miss out on an important Life Roadmap. You should take this every 90 days, just to stay on track! This one is another bestseller in the Inner Circle!

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The Identity MasterClass by Toyin Poju-Oyemade

This MasterClass had us standing all through as Toyin Poju-Oyemade came with goodie bags of wisdom, clarity and healing. If you’ve ever wondered how to unveil your true identity, find your own voice and move past the societal labels, this is definitely a session you’d love.

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Membership Courses

These are Short Courses, Coaching Calls, Programs and Webinars provided exclusively to members of IMMERSE Inner Circle only. Our subscription-based membership inspires thousands of women to design their life of peace, purpose and prosperity. Experience transformational coaching, courses, content as well as an exponential community of go-getter women. You also get to work with Support Coaches and Mentors.

When you join IMMERSE Inner Circle, you gain full access to almost 70 courses, across five growth pathways. More Courses added every single month.

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