Leadership, Success and Multi-Influential Expressions

5 Ways to Elevate your Influence in Any Industry

DDK breaks down the pathways to thought-leadership from a source you would have never expected but this is powerful truth! If you’re ready to grow your influence and elevate your capacity for creating change in your sphere or industry, then this session is for you!

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The Catalyst Culture

In Catalyst Culture, you’d learn how to build exponential communities and opportunities for those who are in your tribe, and follow your work. Activating powerful results for others comes from creating a culture people love and belong to. Make that happen for your own tribe!

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The Power of an Exponential Vision with JBums

In this MasterClass, JBums shares her extraordinary journey from self-loathing and hiding; on to finding purpose and building a multi-million naira business empire; that helps thousands of men and women! Beyond that, she is an author and coach, who has created Africa’s indigenous fitness app – complete with local delicacies and calorie counting! Her story and lessons would inspire you.

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ACCELERATION Intensive is a signature Personal Transformation Course, which delivers significant mindset reengineering that will challenge you at key levels of your being – emotionally, mentally, intellectually and spiritually.  This 7-Module Course is for go-getters and leaders, seeking to transition from GOOD to GREAT! If you are already hitting hard at your goals, but want to accelerate into giant strides in life and vision; then Acceleration Intensive will bring you real answers.

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Work, Wisdom and Wealth

This Coaching Call breaks down the five-pillar Dominion Mandate, and what it really means for today’s visionary. Uncover brand new and mind-shifting insights about the true meaning of work, where wealth flows from and how to attract abundance in your life.

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The Kind of Sales that Really Works with Just Ibe

Just Ibe will teach you the kind of sales that really work in this MasterClass. Everything from selling with intention, building connections with customers, demolishing buyer objections and setting up sales funnel. Be sure to take action quickly, because business profits are waiting for you.

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Membership Courses

These are Short Courses, Coaching Calls, Programs and Webinars provided exclusively to members of IMMERSE Inner Circle only. Our subscription-based membership inspires thousands of women to design their life of peace, purpose and prosperity. Experience transformational coaching, courses, content as well as an exponential community of go-getter women. You also get to work with Support Coaches and Mentors.

When you join IMMERSE Inner Circle, you gain full access to almost 70 courses, across five growth pathways. More Courses added every single month.

All Membership Courses from Cleanse to Catalyze below are AVAILABLE to members.

Most Flagship Courses are also a part of the Membership.

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