Program Associates at VISIONARY COMPASS

Job Summary

We are seeking innovative, organized, and dependable Program Associates to join our new Signature Coaching Program – Visionary Compass. Program Associates must be detail-oriented, passionate about learning and a master collaborator; ready to prepare, plan and implement the Program Framework as well as inspire and motivate students to move toward goal accomplishment and learning completion. 

Visionary Compass is a 40-week Comprehensive Coaching and Mentorship Program for leaders, founders, executives and visionaries. We are hiring five exceptional Program Associates to work with our Lead Coach, Coaching Manager and Students during the period.

Program Associates will be appointed and assigned to one or more of these function areas:

Learning Function:

  1. Support the overall implementation of Program Design for Visionary Compass
  2. Support research efforts for Curriculum Development
  3. Manage content transfer process to learning platform, as required.
  4. Facilitate learning reviews in the Learning Hub, based on Program Calendar
  5. Assign and review tasks and assignments to students in the Program
  6. Create learning summaries, workbooks, templates and action plans based on Modules, to drive visionaries toward results.
  7. Build assessments, diagnostic tools and simple questionnaires for program use.

Administrative Function

  1. Provide reports to students and business on students’ learning completion rates as well as goal achievement
  2. Act as a representation of the IMMERSE Coaching Company brand, and a liaison between students and the organisation
  3. Manage enquiries, work to resolve and escalate any administrative challenges faced by students during the Program.
  4. Provide regular reminders on planned activities and share important Program Information or administrative updates.
  5. Seek and receive feedback on how to make the Program best for students’ use
  6. Coordinate Coaching Retreats, and manage the excellent execution of live events
  7. Liaise with vendors, handle purchases and produce budgets as well as reports.

Mentorship Management Function

  1. Manage the excellent execution of the Mentoring Lab Framework
  2. Research into and make connections with suitable mentors for visionaries based on demonstrated need within specific sectors or industries
  3. Deploy screening, recruitment, onboarding, training and evaluation for Mentors in the Program
  4. Provide introduction emails and recommendation letters for students during internship search exercise
  5. Supervise students’ Internship Practicum Experience during the Program
  6. Sign off on Mentorship Meet-Up log-sheets for students.
  7. Coordinate Monthly Mentoring Master-Classes, running simultaneously across Labs.

Community Management Function

  1. Create and schedule fun games and events – talk show, hot seat etc. to inspire connection and engagement amongst students
  2. Create smaller achievement squads for students, to deepen engagement and help goal achievement
  3. Organize monthly peer-to-peer check-in calls
  4. Create and drive goal-setting, progress checks and accountability systems for students
  5. Act as a “Support Coach” to the students.
  6. Plan physical hangouts and networking meet-ups
  7. Act as host during Live Retreats with DDK

Media Support Function:

  1. Manage the creation of graphic designs for Visionary Compass
  2. Liaise with our Brand Agency on brand assets
  3. Use technology to achieve graphically illustrated videos, resources, audios and media tools to drive learning and engagement
  4. Support social media efforts as well as manage PR liaison as need arises
  5. Manage video creation, editing and repurposing 

Program Associates will receive:

  1. Financial Stipend every Trimester during the Program
  2. Annual Access to Unbundling the Decade Coaching Program (including new content)
  3. Full Scholarship into Visionary Compass
  4. Insider Access into our extraordinary team at IMMERSE Coaching Company, and do great things with us!
  5. Operational Toolkit and Training to drive performance.

This role is fully remote, and does not require full-time availability. Associates have to be, however, adept at personal mastery and time management to deliver excellently on assigned tasks.

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