Director of Coaching, Signature Programs at IMMERSE Coaching Company

Job Summary
We are seeking a bright, exceptional and innovative leader to join our organization as Director of Coaching, Signature Programs. He/ she must be forward-thinking, highly self-driven toward outstanding results; ready to provide leadership and guidance to teams as well as inspire students to move toward goal accomplishment.

Signature Programs at IMMERSE Coaching Company are our top-tier, special-access or segment-specific coaching programs. We are hiring a Director of Coaching to lead our team of Coaching Managers, Program Associates and Learning Managers for these Programs.

Key Responsibilities would include:

1 – Recruitment:

Director of Coaching would driven competence-based recruitment, assessment and onboarding of team members who work across our Signature Coaching Programs. This would involve the full process from expressions of interest to graded assessments and final shortlisting of successful candidates. This process has to be diligently carried out as well as fully documented and reported.

2 – Database Management:

This role will also supervise and directly man the efficient collation and updating of our Student Databases, ensuring all students enrolled into our Signature Programs are well accounted for, with clear details on learning completion, engagement and specific coaching requirements. You may be required to reach out directly to students, as well as drive the creation, analysis and reporting of feedback forms, surveys or questionnaires deployed to them.

3 – Leadership and Performance Management

Director of Coaching will provide leadership and direction to the Learning Managers, Program Associates, Interns and Volunteers who work within the Signature Programs. This will include setting clear work expectations, creating Project Management Plans and Action Plans as well as regularly reviewing deliverables and providing performance feedback.

You will be required to mentor team members to produce highest levels of excellent output, and serve our community in the most impactful ways, through consistent knowledge sharing sessions as well as organized training and development efforts

4 – Program Assessments and Quality Management:

You will required to guide and hand-hold team members within the Programs on Work Procedures as clarified in Operational Manuals at the start of each Coaching Cycle. On an ongoing basis, Coaching Manager will also assess the Programs across learning management, community engagement, mentorship liaison, and coaching methodology deployed. These assessments will be reported, and utilized for process improvement.

5 – Learning Hub Management:

1 – You will coordinate and supervise the creation of Learning Plans and Calendars across each Signature Program to guide all activities to be covered during the period of the Program

2 – You would work to ensure that the Learning Managers and Program Associates work with the Learning Plans and Calendars, and execute same within their Signature Program, to engage members, activate learning and drive a transformational experience for students.

6 – Reporting:

The Director of Coaching will provide regular updates, reports and recommendations to the Business. You may be required to make presentations to members of the team, the CEO and/ or Board Members.

Person Specification

Ideal candidate for this role:

Must be able to manage projects and work under lean schedules

Must be a strategic thinker and possess strong leadership skills

Must be an active listener and able to negotiate excellently

Must be people oriented with strong interpersonal skills

Must be a team player

Must possess strong work ethic and time management skills

Must possess strong human resource management skills

Must possess good written skills

Must be proficient in the use of MS Office suite and/or data analytical tools

This is a full-time role, but is mostly remote, and may not require your physical presence except  at scheduled meetings. You would join through livestream if you live out of Nigeria. Our team members are, however, very adept at personal mastery and time management to deliver excellently on assigned tasks.

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