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Are you a man or woman who desires a Life of Purpose, Peace and Prosperity, impacting the world with your giftings and building wealth through your work, without losing the things you treasure the most e.g. your family and spirituality?

Do you often long to understand your Purpose with clarity? Or in your case, your vision is clear but you struggle to execute your big goals excellently and quickly?

Are you already leading your assignments, but often overwhelmed by multiple priorities, plus you’re facing that burst of new ideas but have no room (or time) to DO or BE MORE?

I get you totally, because I’ve been where you are! It may seem like chaos sometimes, but it is Voice of Destiny calling from your inside. And I want to help you say yes to an EPIC Version of yourself! (I’ve helped thousands of women experience this.)

If you give me 60 minutes of intentional attention for 21 Days, I will be your Personal Coach and show you my 5-Pillar LIFE UPGRADE BLUEPRINT, which breaks down the easy-to-implement but extremely effective secrets I’ve used to create extraordinary results without overwhelm as a Woman of Many Sides. 

Wherever you are in your life right now, you can BE, DO and HAVE MORE! I want to show you surprisingly simple but proven wisdom to ELEVATE your RESULTS! 

ACTIVATION Intensive will NO DOUBT propel you out of confusion into clarity, out of excuses into execution, out of pain into purpose and out of GOOD into GREAT!

Welcome to ACTIVATION Intensive. 

The 5-Track, 21-Day Curriculum


Track One: No Baggage! (Four Audio Activations)

This is your Soul-Cleanse Hack. DDK will share her fail-proof secrets for detoxing your mind from negative energy - whether it's from emotional pain, stressful life demands, difficult relationships or unfulfilled expectations. You'd feel literally brand new, with real resilience to move forward!

Track Two: Aperture Zone (Four Audio Activations)

During this Track, the scales will drop off and your inner eyes will burst open with new light. Expect a great degree of personal clarity, self rediscovery and answers on your Life Purpose as DDK teaches you the phenomenal practices of perception, reception and conception!

Track Three: A New Order (Four Audio Activations)

At this phase of the Intensive, you will be guided to actually expand your productivity by redesigning your Life System. DDK's exceptional mastery of multiple priorities and brutal scheduling will be a gift to you, because she's bringing all the tips and tools home for you!

Track Four: Just DO It! (Four Audio Activations)

NIKE said it, and it's about the best advice ever because Rapid Execution is easier than you think. In Track Four, DDK will coach you to kick off your best excuses. You'd crack the code for visioning big goals and actually achieving them QUICKER and BETTER!

Track Five: Be EPIC! (Four Audio Activations)

No matter how amazing you are; there'd always be more grounds to cover. How do you learn, lead and live in a way that keeps you stretching into greater influence, affluence and significance? This track, DDK Swill help you make commitments for the No-Limits-Life!


DDK takes you to the extreme, and literally drops you off the cliff with this Webinar. In it, the EPIC Coach provides you a guided tour for the kind of thinking, habits and actions that truly have a capacity to fix what’s broken and set you on a new course to success and significance. We also take the time to answer burning questions during this extra-special coaching call.
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