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ACCELERATION Intensive is a signature Personal Transformation Course, which delivers significant mindset reengineering that will challenge you at key levels of your being – emotionally, mentally, intellectually and spiritually.  This 7-Module Course is for go-getters and leaders, seeking to transition from GOOD to GREAT! If you are already hitting hard at your goals, but want to accelerate into giant strides in life and vision; then Acceleration Intensive will bring you real answers.

In this Course, we take you on a no-holds-barred tour into the inspirational stories of Seven Extraordinary Women, who share everything from how to create a compelling vision, step into global opportunities, access investment and funding, leverage your natural excellence, deepen your walk with God and design a winning system for your multi-influential life, amongst other things. You would also encounter mind-blowing secrets you can apply today to triumph your limitations and go further. 

There is no perfection anywhere; but women like you, are going beyond average and stepping into Big Things! Women like you, are mobilizing, maximizing and monetizing their gifts! Women like you, are scaling their business ventures into global markets. Women like you, are waking up to a life of success and significance, without losing their spirituality. It is possible and we want to show you how.

In seven limits-shattering modules, we’d walk you through a Breakthrough Roadmap for gaining clarity, getting unstuck and growing your Super-Power. If you’ve been held back from your big dreams, or doing good but ready to release your art with excellence and mastery; then this Course is for you!!! All modules are online, and delivered through Short Videos, Workbooks as well as well as supporting resources.

Course Modules



In this disruptive opening Module, Debola Deji-Kurunmi shares how she absolutely conquered small thinking to break into the mindset and mental models that produce abundance and acceleration. You’d learn to break the vicious cycles of self-sabotage in your mind.

Module 2: MEANING

Young and Visionary CEO of Five28 Interiors/ Founder of Beautified Network, Funto Ibuoye opens up on her intriguing journey to self-discovery and a life of purpose, as well as becoming a multi-influential woman, with different expressions, without giving up what she values most.

Module 3: MASTERY

Strong Woman behind AugustSecrets Foods, Toyin Onigbanjo is on the beat here, as she shares her secrets for becoming a major player in Africa’s Nutrition Industry in just 5 years. Whether you’re a newbie or leader in your space, you’d find powerful tips here to grow into a FORCE to reckon with!

Module 4: MOVES

You’d be at the edge of your seat all through, as CEO, Katie Wang Company; Olori Boye-Ajayi challenges your guts with her compelling story and strategies for daring yourself into grand opportunities, global partnerships and greater profits – with whatever it is you choose to do!

Module 5: MESSAGE

Africa’s Online Course Creation Queen, Stephanie Obi shares all the behind-the-scenes grind for her latest work TrainQuarters, and unbundles big insights to help women clarify their message, amplify their voice and build a tribe around their mission!

Module 6: MONEY

Investment and Money Coach, Tomie Balogun is a whole mood in this session, as she uses her own life story, to teach winning wisdom for opening diverse streams of income, building a Financial Plan that works and making your money grow exponentially.

Module 7: MINISTRY

Not the way you’ve always imagined it! Founder, Hope365 Network, Imisi Owolabi, pulls the blinds down on this one; sharing her own daily Spiritual Life System for staying fresh and refreshed in her Faith Walk, while keeping up with multiple demands and crushing her goals.
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