Where We Started

IMMERSE Coaching Company was launched in 2014 by our Founder, Debola Deji-Kurunmi, and has grown into a tech-driven global coaching community with over 70,000 thought-leaders, visionaries, and purpose-driven men and women, across 100+ countries. 

We use the power of working wisdom to help you change the way you think so that you can change the way you thrive. Our tested coaching framework shows us that when we trigger mindset re-engineering in people, they often experience significant rebirths in their lives

In August 2014, we launched our first Course called IMMERSE 30 Days, 30 Questions as an email-based 30-day coaching program, which later morphed into IMMERSE 30-Day Transformation Challenge and has been taken by thousands of women since then. We continued running email-based courses, adding more programs including IMMERSE MasterMind, UNLEASH your Sexy eCourse, ACCELERATION Campus, IMMERSE Life Clarity Course, Mindful Detox amongst others.

In 2016, we opened up our archetypical Support Coaching Framework which has become a powerful model for activating learning experiences, building communities and achieving accountability. Today, we have over 100 coaches and guest mentors in our Network.

By 2018, our Founder, DDK, began to grow a compelling desire to step into a membership framework that would give us the platform to build a one-stop resource center for our growing global audience to access all they’d need for Personal Transformation on the go, and in one place! And that was how IMMERSE Inner Circle was born in 2019.

As at today, we have over 7, 000 premium members of the IMMERSE Inner Circle, which is our women-only coaching membership, but continue to reach our larger 70, 000+ community of men and women with different short courses, coaching intensives, programs and conferences.


Our mission is to impact 1,000,000 visionaries with the thinking, tools and transformation to change the world in their own way, by 2030.

Our Core Values