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Our Inner Circle of Go-Getter Women know that their DREAMS are DOABLE!! We ditched the Comfort Zone and packed out of that Estate! Right in here, we are embracing the Shift that shatters limiting thinking and ushers in new possibilities. Whatever stage of your life and vision you’re on; get the insights and inspiration you need to find your powerful self, fuel your purest passion and fulfill your precise purpose! Enjoy one-on-one from our Support Coaches and Mentors whenever.

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DDK shares more with you about the Inner Circle! Welcome to UPGRADE!

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I am Debola Deji-Kurunmi, a Personal Transformation Coach for Women, as well as the Founder of IMMERSE Coaching Company. I am also the Executive Director of Ideation Hub Africa, a social impact incubator in Nigeria; as well as the President at Deborah Initiative for Women and FIREBRAND , both non-denominational Christian ministries.

Since 2014, I have helped almost 15,000+ multi-influential women to upgrade into higher versions of themselves, so they can serve their precise purpose, and build a life of influence. One of my greatest personal joys is helping women step into their unstoppable zone where they draw from inner power to overcome limitations and do their dreams. I believe that women will continue to choose between the chaotic stress of purposelessness or the creative stretch of purpose; No path will be a total smooth sail, but one will reward you with growth, meaning, and abundance. This is the invitation I make to women through my coaching – an invitation to Purpose.

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