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The Future-Forward Female Intensive is DDK’s brand-new FREE breakthrough Coaching Intensive for women ready to release genius-grade greatness to change the world, this decade!

Discover DDK’s proprietary 5-Protocol Greatness Manifesto that can empower you and every female visionary to release your remarkable gifting and impact generations, without losing your spirituality, family and personal peace.

The Future-Forward Female Intensive, holding on Sunday, 24 October 2021, will help you start the journey to creating a personalised system for mastering genius, expanding leadership influence and multiplying wealth within the next 1 – 3 years.

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Join our energetic Community of 50,000+ visionary men and women living in 100+ countries, using breakthrough coaching insights to elevate their lives. 

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Over here, we know OUR dreams are doable. We ditched the Comfort Zone and packed out of that Estate! Now, we are embracing the Shift that shatters limiting thinking and ushers in new possibilities.

Whatever stage of your life and vision you’re on; get the insights and inspiration you need to find your powerful self, fuel your purest passion and fulfil your precise purpose!

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About the Founder

Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a transformational catalyst, equipping a new breed of African visionaries to rise and enthrone the continent into global prominence! Her work of coaching, consulting and capacity-building cut across ministry (through Deborah Initiative for Women and FIREBRAND Movement), Personal Transformation Coaching for women (through IMMERSE Coaching Company), as well as public policy and impact advisory (through Ideation Hub Africa).

She’s an internationally awarded and recognised leader, conference speaker, corporate trainer and an author.

At IMMERSE Coaching Company, Debola founded a 50, 000+ strong tech-driven global community of visionaries, who are using her breakthrough coaching and courses to create new powerful mindsets for a life of purpose, contribution and influence. Her clients have cut across social innovators, entrepreneurs, career professionals, thought-leaders, faith-based voices and individuals seeking exponential growth.

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